Did you know that you could actually train your brain in such a way that it starts craving for healthy food? Yes, you can and that’s some good news for all of us wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to new research it is seen that it’s possible to retrain the brain so as to start preferring low-calorie food instead of junk food. In the study, a group of obese volunteers were put through a six-month weight loss programme. Their reaction to different foods was monitored while scanning the areas of the brain associated with learning and addiction using MRI. At the end of 6 months it was noticed that in the people who followed the healthy-eating plan, there was reduced activation in response to images of high-calorie fatty foods. There was in fact increased activation when pictures of healthy foods were shown. This seems like a very promising study and a great encouragement for all those looking at modifying their food habits.

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