Chasteberry: The Wonder Cure for Women’s Health Problems!Chasteberry is a very small berry, which grows on the chaste tree. The chasteberry is brown in colour, as big as popcorn and smells similar to peppermint. Chasteberry is an herbal berry and has been used for its curative properties for many centuries.

The ripe Chasteberry is used to make herbal syrups as well as powdered extracts. Chasteberry has many names, some of which are vitex, monk’s berry or monk’s pepper. In ancient times, this herbal plant was used by the Romans to reduce sexual urges in sages or monks. But in modern time, this herb is known as a magical herb for women as it helps in curing many disorders related to females.

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The Benefits of Chasteberry:
Chasteberry is popularly used by herbal practitioners to cure hormonal imbalance in females and ease menstrual problems, breast tenderness, mood swings, PMS, hot flashes, reduced milk production as well as infertility.

Chasteberry has anti-androgen properties, which makes it a good natural herbal supplement to reduce acne and excess of hair growth in females.

1. Tenderness of breast:
A few medicinal companies have started using chasteberry extract in the medicine for breast tenderness related with menopause as well as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMS. Studies have indicated that chasteberry herb helps in suspending the release of of prolactin, a hormone, from the pituitary gland. Increased levels of prolactin stimulates the production of milk in lactating women, which leads to tenderness of breast and it may also cause irregularity in menstrual periods. Having one chasteberry herbal capsule everyday is helpful in restoring the balance.

2. Helps in curing infertility and avoid miscarriage
Research has proven that low levels of progesterone may cause infertility and even miscarriage. With consultation of your herbalist, you may take one chasteberry capsule once in a day to reduce the chances of miscarriage and cure infertility. Some medical providers are cautious towards the use of herbal supplements during pregnancy; hence one must take any herbal supplement with full consultation of herbal or medical practitioner.

3. Helps in curing Pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual cramps as well as menopause
Chasteberry is one of the best available natural sources of the hormone called progesterone. An irregularity in the level of progesterone hormone may cause many menstrual disorders like early periods, late periods, heavy flow, missing periods, and defects during the luteal phase.

The low level of progesterone also causes an increase in prolactin-pituitary hormone, which causes PMS, untimely menopause and tenderness of the breast. Having chasteberry herb helps in balancing the levels of progesterone and provides relief in the above mentioned ailments.

As Chasteberry is a good natural remedy to maintain hormonal balance in the body, it can also be used by men to reduce excessive levels of testosterone, which is the main cause of prostate cancer.

Note: The use of chasteberry has not shown any serious side effects when taken in moderation. An overdose of this herb may cause mild headaches, rashes, nausea, mild stomach disorders or dizziness. Do not take this herb if you are taking any medicines for hormonal disorders. Pregnant women must consult their herbalist or medical provider before taking any herbal supplement.