White rice is almost everyone’s favorite, it was mine too till the time I found out the health difference between white rice and brown rice or whole grain rice. Seriously, brown rice is much better for your health and it might be difficult for you to continue eating white rice once you are aware of its benefits. So read on!

The rice has gone through number of processes before it is stocked on the supermarket shelf for you to purchase. After the harvest, the rice seeds are milled through a rice husker to get rid of the grain husks. This gives you the brown rice. Pure and healthy.

The white rice is created by further processing of brown rice. The germ and the bran is removed from the grain and it is then polished and the end product is what we all call white rice. The bran from the brown rice is removed to make the rice taste better and cook faster. Processed and unhealthy.

The process of turning brown rice into white rice strips the grain of its vital nutrients. This loss of nutrients is quite substantial. White rice loses important nutrients such as Magnesium, Vitamin E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folacin, Potassium, Iron and many more nutrients while processing. Even the dietary fiber in white rice is significantly lower than what is found in brown rice. Brown rice is also said to be less constipating and easy to digest. Based on research and study conducted by the Asia Rice Foundation, the processing of brown rice to convert it into white rice destroys alarmingly large amounts of nutrients:

O    Ninety percent of its calcium
O    Eighty five percent of its fat
O    Eighty percent of its thiamine
O    Seventy five percent of its phosphorus
O    Seventy percent of its riboflavin
O    Sixty eight percent of its niacin contents
O    Fifteen percent of its protein

This study clearly indicated that the nutrient value lost while processing is quite high. It is time to rethink your choice. One single change and you can improve the health of your entire family.

If you have been eating white rice for a long time then it may be difficult for you to switch to brown rice all of a sudden. You can try mixing portions of both the variants it so that your body gets the nutrition from brown rice while your taste buds savor the classic taste of white rice. Though you can mix them together and combine them into delicious recipes, however, you cannot cook them together. The preparation and cooking time for brown rice is longer than that of white rice. While boiling white rice you use more of water and drain out most of it after the rice is boiled. But while cooking brown rice you do not drain out the water instead you let the rice absorb it till only very little of it is left. If you don’t cook the brown rice right then it may be more difficult for you to stop eating white rice. Try some recipe books or ask a friend who knows how to cook it.

I hope you would agree with me that now is the best time to switch to brown rice.  So go on and order some brown rice today.