Our brain is a multi-talented organ performing many functions relevant to the healthy functioning of the body. Basically, our brain is responsible for mostly everything we do. One of those responsibilities involve our memory! We know how vital it is to remember things in life.Yet, we forget so many of your important things. It is quite natural to be absent-minded or to forget things like where you parked your car, where you kept your keys or to miss important dates. The first two things can be easily forgiven but if you fail to remember the date of your wedding anniversary then you are busted!

Stress is one of the main causes for forgetfulness in people. In life, stress is unavoidably constant. You may return from work with a headache when you are stressed out. Stress produces a hormone called Cortisol which obstructs energy supply to certain cells in the brain which control memory. We notice that too much of tension and stress at work or in the family cost us both our concentration and memory. In the same way, if you overwork and overload your brain you go into a mental fatigue. Fatigue basically relates to lack of energy and lethargy. It is a disorder that affects people who have been working on too much on something for a long time, quite strenuously. Prolonged worry and anxiety can easily pave way for mental fatigue. Mental fatigue may affect your physical endurance, level of consciousness, attention and wakefulness. This reaches dangerous capacities especially when you involve in activities which require full alertness like driving. People with head injuries, massive blood loss, lack of sleep and autoimmune diseases may complain of mental fatigue.


There are remedies which you can use to temporarily relieve your situation. But it is generally maintain that there is cure for mental fatigue. It is safe to avoid chronic tension and stress and pay attention to your health.

  • Importance of diet in brain health is not negligible. A balanced diet would be nutritious to the brain. Do not go by the popular and most advertised foods as they be deficient in minerals and vitamins. You will need nutritional building blocks which are vital components for cellular health, namely minerals or tissue salts. Also, eating iron-rich foods will make a difference.
  • Regular exercise would encourage blood circulation and ensure adequate oxygen supply to the brain cells. Mental exercises like crosswords or brain teasers can further fortify your brain and make your day to day activities enthusiastic and challenging.
  • Spa! A hot bath should melt away all your tension and purge you.
  • Aromatherapy should help to alleviate negative feelings and stress.
  • Do not forget to sleep tight!
  • Rhodiola Rosea is a known mental medicine. It is an adaptogen that that acts a stress buster and mood enhancer.
  • Learn breathing exercises.
  • For a quick fix take caffeinated beverages.


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