Blood donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life.
Blood donation is a voluntary procedure to donate your blood to someone to save their life. Blood cannot be manufactured artificially, it can be produced only by the healthy individual. Hence, you need to donate to those who are in need.
Who can donate blood?
Any healthy individuals who are at the age of 18-60 years can donate.
How often can you donate blood?
Minimum 2 months time gap should be there between donations.
How long will it take to replenish the donated blood?
Fluid will be replaced within 24 hours while red cells are replaced within 4-8 weeks after your donation.
Is blood donation safe?
Blood donation will not harm you in any way. Blood is collected after following all sterile and safety precautions.
Can women and diabetic patients donate?
Women who have normal haemoglobin levels and diabetics with well-controlled sugar levels can definitely donate blood.
Is the procedure painful?
No, it is just similar to a needle prick.
What should you do after blood donation?

  • Drink sufficient amount of fluids.
  • Eat iron rich healthy food.
  • If you feel dizzy, lie down for some time and try to raise your legs.
  • Avoid more exertion.

What are the health benefits of blood donation?
Blood donation is a win-win situation, it is beneficial for others and for you too.

  • Stimulates your body to produce new blood cells.
  • Blood donation burns the calories. Regular blood donation helps weight loss in obese.
  • Prevents the risk of cancer, liver, and cardiac diseases.
  • The sense of satisfaction for helping others.