Yogurt is not only a yummy snack with fruity delights; it also benefits health in many ways. Yogurt is rich in many nutrients such as protein, riboflavin, vitamin B and calcium. If you compare milk to yogurt then yogurt is a much healthier option as it has more protein and calcium in it because of the presence of cultures in it.

There are three different kinds of yogurt. First is regular or whole mill, another is low fat and third is skimmed. The low fat and skimmed are healthy options for those who are on weight loss diet or watching their cholesterol levels. The skimmed and low fat yogurt does not increase blood cholesterol levels.

Yogurt consists of living and active cultures in it. These cultures have unique living and active microorganisms. These microorganisms give yogurt many of its nutritional as well as health benefits. Some of the health benefits of this wonderful food are:

1. It helps in improving the defense system of the body. Yogurt consists of phosphorus in large quantity and eighty-eight percent water. People who are prone to bone related disorders such as osteoporosis should include one serving of this food in their meal each day.

2. Some researchers claim that yogurt is helpful in protecting the body against many forms of cancer; however, no concrete study is available on the said subject.

3. Some people suffer from lactose intolerance. They have problems in digesting a carbohydrate present in milk products and milk because they suffer from a deficiency of enzyme lactase. Active yogurt cultures help in producing lactase while helps with the digestion of lactose. Yogurt is a very healthy means of helping the body meet the calcium need for the day, especially for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

4. Yogurt also helps in improving the immunity of the body. It helps in increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut. These bacteria helps in preventing stomach related infections and also help in proper digestion.

5. Yogurt is also helpful in providing relief in several kinds of vaginal infections.

More about yogurt

Yogurt must be stored in cold storage as it is a fresh dairy food. The yogurt treated with heat stays fresh for a longer time; however, it is less nutritional than the fresh yogurt. The heat destroys the live culture in the yogurt. If you want to eat yogurt merely for its health benefits than make sure it is fresh, not treated with heat and has alive cultures in it. When buying from a store check the label.

Ways to eat yogurt

Yogurt is a favoured food in almost all parts of the world, especially the Mediterranean regions. In Mediterranean cuisine, yogurt is consumed plain without any sugar or flavour added in it. They include yogurt in their salads and also make yogurt drinks with just yogurt, water and salt. Yogurt is also eaten with the main dish as a side dish.

Some ways to include yogurt in your everyday diet in a healthier way:
1. use yogurt instead of salad dressings or mayonnaise.
2. use yogurt to marinate poultry or even meat.
3. You can use frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.
4. Use yogurt fruit smoothie instead of milkshakes.
5. Replace cream cheese with yogurt cheese.
6. Use yogurt dips instead of cheese dips.

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