What If Eating Okra Helps Treat Knee Pain? – How Eating Okra Can Help Treat Knee Pain

If lady’s finger is not one of your favourites, then this is a must read for you.

Lady’s finger (namely okra, bhindi, vendakkai) used to make only special appearance in my kitchen until recently. But, in the community I live, it is quite popular. Even among kids. That’s the reason why you find them fresh and in plenty in the Marwadi shops in front of our gate. I eat this veggie mostly for a change without really liking its slipperiness or taste. I opt for open pan cooking for Bhindi, a tasty and healthier method suggested by a friend. It is only one step healthier than frying it in lots of oil. Simply slit the veggies length wise and throw in to the pan with 2-3 teaspoons of oil. Add in your favourite masalas and keep stirring occasionally. Takes a bit more time, but gets roasted nicely without excess oil and deep frying.

The health benefits of bhindi are forgotten when they are roasted and fried to make them palatable. Some importance health benefits ok lady’s finger at a glance.

Using Bhindi for Knee Pain

You might already know that our joints are filled with thick slippery fluid called synovial fluid. This helps the cartilage to remain healthy by providing adequate nutrition. Overweight, overstrain or injury and stiffness can result in knee pain. Simply helping the fluid circulate normally eases down common knee pain. While practising yoga is one popular method to prevent and treat all joint pain, including okra in your diet is also helpful. Remember that swishy juice inside the pods? They are the real guys who make okra a healthy bunch.

This is a great folk remedy with okra for knee pain:

1) Take 3-5 well washed lady's fingers. Chop off the ends and slit them lengthwise.
2) Boil them in half a litre of water and set aside overnight.
3) Eat the vegetables and drink the juice in the morning.

I know that it is definitely not going to taste delicious but is said to help very well in knee and joint pains. However, in case of kidney/gall stones and high uric acid ask you doctor if lady’s finger is a good option.

Treatment for Knee Pain

Zeotone Soft Gel Capsules for Osteoarthritis, Gout

Mode of Action:

Checks the deterioration of the cartilage and subchondral bone.

* Restore nutrition to diseased cartilage cells.

* Repair & rebuild the Cartilage.

* Helps to improve Synovial fluid viscosity & concentration.

* Strengthens the cartilages and bones (Brumhanam)

Dosage: 1 capsule two times in a day before food. (625 mg).

Controlling Sugar Levels and Cholesterol with Lady’s Finger

Lady’s finger is a fibrous vegetable with a lot of nutrients and mucilage. It is seen that consuming this vegetable regularly helps stabilize blood sugar by controlling the rate at which sugar is absorbed from our intestinal tract. It can both help a diabetic as well as a prediabetic in the same way.

Zero calories and fat, what more can you ask for from a green vegetable. Serum cholesterol is lowered and heart health is boosted.

Enhancing Digestive Health

Constipation is a common and embarrassing problem especially in youngsters. Not drinking enough water, eating a lot of junk food and not getting good physical activity cause stool to harden resulting in painful bowel movements and fissure. A groaning intestine would welcome the soluble fibre from okra with all its mucilage. The mucilage in okra binds all the dirt inside the colon and shows them the way out. Okra even decreases the risk of colon cancer by cleansing the colon.

Keep in mind that too much cooking would destroy fibre and mucilage reducing it to nothing but skin. Cook all vegetables in low heat or mild steam to retain all their nutrients.

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