Is an Educated Woman a Threat to her Husband?

Gone are the days when women were restricted to be home makers alone. These days women enjoy equal status with their male counterparts. The “fairer sex” is as educated as their male counterparts, earning in similar fashion and having their own identity. Years ago, if the lady was more educated than her husband she was thought of as a threat to him. The resultant ego clashes led to huge divorce rates. These new trends are so welcoming and it’s positive to see both the genders sharing equal responsibilities.

A study conducted by an associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that couples in which both individuals have equal levels of education are now less likely to divorce. The study covered couples who got married in the 1990s or later showing that in these cases the women’s higher qualification than her man was no longer associated with an increased risk of divorce. The professor says that the thinking nowadays has shifted to egalitarian marriages thereby negating the fears that women’s growing educational advantage over men has had negative effects on marital stability.

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