Eight Simple Shortcuts To A Healthier You – Part 2

In the previous post we shared with you several shortcuts to better health. Here are more and they are really very simple. So read on…

5. Hygiene

The required: It is advised that you must wash your hands with water and soap whenever you touch a dirty surface. Germs can be found almost anywhere starting from door knobs, staircase railings, ATMs and even the grocery carts. After you have touched any germy surface you face a chance to transit the germs to your face and even into your nose, eyes and your mouth. This way you expose yourself to illnesses like cold, flu and gastrointestinal diseases everyday. The chances of catching germs are more prevalent when you are sharing your room or even your office space with someone who is sick.

The shortcut: Use a hand sanitizer or disposable wipes handy. Simply carry a small bottle of sanitizing gel that has about sixty percent alcohol in it. The hand sanitizer cannot be compared to soap but it is highly effective in killing the germs on your hand. All kinds of hand wipes are equally good; however, the baby wipes are alcohol free and too mild.

6. Breakfast

The required: Have a full and nutritious breakfast everyday. The healthy breakfast should comprise of food from three different food groups. For example, a full breakfast could include a glassful of toned milk, a serving of fresh fruits and boiled eggs or two slices of wheat bread. This will give you sufficient energy to perform efficiently throughout the morning till lunch hour. Having a wholesome breakfast also reduces your risk of becoming obese or getting diabetes.

The shortcut: Your fast life may leave you with little or less time to sit down for a healthy breakfast. If such is the case then pack your breakfast and eat it on your way. You can also have a healthy cereal bar in the morning but do read the label carefully before buying one. A cereal bar, also known as energy bar, should have proteins and about five grams of fiber and not more than two hundred calories. Search for healthy foods that you can have while on the move in the morning, like a whole grain bagel or even fruit yogurt.

7. Teeth

The required: The experts have recommended that brushing the teeth after every meal and flossing once a day is good for dental health. Brushing and flossing removes the remains of the food before they start with dental decay.

The shortcut: In real world it is not possible to brush after every meal. The chewing gum comes to the rescue. Chewing the gum, after every meal, increases the saliva in the mouth which is helpful in washing away the tiny food particles. Chewing the gum also helps in neutralizing acids that are produced by the bacteria from food to some extend.

Flossing is helpful in removing the food particles that are stuck deep between the teeth and under the gums where the toothbrush is unable to reach. If flossing is not possible then try and remove the food particles with the help of a toothpick. A toothpick cannot replace dental floss but it does come close.

Weight Training

The required: lifting moderate weights twice a week improve the bone mass, burns calories and reduce the fat in the body

The shortcut: Exercises that makes use of your own body weight are good. Try doing push ups as well as lunges everyday.


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