Enhance Your Wellness with Bhringraj – the Miracle Plant!

Bhringraj is an amazing medicinal plant that can enhance your wellness in so many ways!  It is called by several names in different parts of India:  Kehraj (Assamese), Karisalaankanni (Tamil) Kayyunni (Malayalam)  Keshavardhini (Kannada).

Here are some of the amazing ways in which Bhringraj can cure and prevent ailments:

– It delays ageing by rejuvenating teeth, bones and hair and improves memory and sight.

– It protects the liver and effectively treats cirrhosis and other liver ailments.

– Regular application of Bhringraj oil can make your hair luxuriant and black and can also reverse balding.

– It cures insomnia and aids good sleep.

– It can prevent miscarriages and can relieve uterine pain following delivery.

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