Is your skin dry? What is your skin routine? Do you go through a religious routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing you skin?

Facial skin care is quite important as our face is exposed to all kinds of challenges every day. It is prone to environmental pollutants, sun exposure, a lot of cosmetics in the case of women and shaving creams and razor burns in the case of women all of which tamper with its texture and smoothness. The only time it rests when you sleep in the night. That is the time when it regenerates and breathes fresh. And the skin is  the largest and one of the most sensitive organs in our body!

If you want to pamper your facial skin and to keep it radiant and soft you need to follow a good skin care routine, irrespective of your gender. Face is primary strength and the mirror-image of your confidence. If you are happy and content your face will have a healthy glow while unhappiness and tension will give you a frown, lines and a lot acne.

Morning Care

You had a peaceful and tight sleep. Splash a lot water on to your face. Use lukewarm water and a good natural face wash to cleanse your skin. Body soaps and bars are not as gentle as creamy face washes to your facial skin. Pat your skin dry and do not rub it with the washcloth. After cleansing, use a good toner (choose one depending your skin type) to maintain the pH level of the skin and will remove any dirt or residual cleanser that has not been washed away. Now it’s time to pamper it. Moisturizing the skin is important as the cleanser might have zapped all its moisture and natural oils. You should use an oil-free moisturizer even if your skin is oily and doesn’t seem to need moisture. Now you can apply a sunscreen and follow it with your make-up, if any.

  • Wash your face not more than twice a day. Before washing your face wash your hands well with anti-bacterial soap.
  • Use your fingers gently in circular motions all over your face. This will help blood circulation.
  • Use your ring finger to gently massage the eye area.
  • Do not massage if you have pimples. Massaging with increase the redness and swelling. Do not pop them.
  • Use “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” cosmetics.
  • Always keep your hair off the face and change your pillow cases regularly. Also, do not lie down on benches or desk with your face and avoid touching your face every  now and then.
  • Clean the rim of your glasses/goggles regularly.
  • Do not scratch your face and neck with your nails. Use a soft cloth instead.
  • The safe bet is to use herbal products for your facial skin. It is good to use a herbal face wash with therapeutic properties so that it does not dry your skin as early as in the morning.

The skin care routine you foolow should naturally support skin health without upsetting its delicate balalnce. You can find skin care products with extracts of Neem, Burdock, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender oil and the like. Neem is a highly anti-bacterial herb with regenerative properties that works great for many skin problems including acne. It has great cleansing and soothing properties. Burdock is a well-known effective treatment for acne, sores, psoriasis and eczema. Topical application of this herb will remove the toxins beneath our skin. It is highly used in homeopathic skin preparations. Tea Trea oil is anti-bacterial  and is a trusted topical remedy for acne infections. An amazing gift from the nature, Lavender oil treats skin problems including wounds, cuts, burns, sunburns,eczema and wrinkles  while aiding the formation of scar tissues. It is highly soothing for dry skin. These herbs in combination would leave an invisible therapeutic layer on the skin to provide a natural barrier against pollution and other environmental toxins.
All Natural Products For Radiant Skin

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