Fatty liver disease affects even teetotallers. Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver is a silent ailment. It does not have any external symptoms.

Signs of Fatty Liver

A couple of the warning signs are:

  1. high levels of triglycerides
  2. insulin resistance

It may put you at risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Tests for Detecting Fatty Liver

Blood test, ultrasound, MRI scan and liver biopsy are some of the methods to detect fatty liver. Precaution is the best cure. Get yourself tested at regular intervals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda Medicines for Fatty Liver

  • Liver fit capsules – 1 twice daily.
  • Vasaguduchyadi kashayam – 2 tabs twice daily to be taken one hour before meals.
  • Triphala,trivrit churna, and bhringraj churna with a little honey – Twice a day.

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