Feverfew is an herb usually found growing in uncultivated places all year round. Feverfew belongs to the daisy family of plants. This herb bears a white flower, which is quite similar to the daisy flower. The medicinal properties of feverfew are not known to all but those who are aware of it, swear by it!  The feverfew herb tea especially is extremely helpful in providing relief in many ailments.

Feverfew also works as an insect repellent, and you find it listed in the ingredients list of some of the best insect repellent products. Feverfew is available in the form of dried leaves and herbal teas in herbal stores. The feverfew herbal tea has ample of benefits.

The Benefits of Feverfew Herb:

1. Feverfew tea is a known and tried remedy for treating migraine headaches. Some people who find it difficult to get rid of migraine headaches even after days of medications have found feverfew herbal tea extremely helpful. Drinking it regularly for three weeks will show you desired results. Regular intake of feverfew herbal tea is helpful in preventing headaches caused by migraines.
2. Feverfew herbal tea is helpful in providing relief from menstrual cramps and regulating menstrual cycle.
3. As the name implies, feverfew is helpful in providing relief in high fever.
4. It is also helpful in keeping asthma under check.
5. Feverfew is helpful in reducing stress and tension. The feverfew herbal tea acts like a stress buster.
6. It is helpful in reducing arthritis pain as well as inflammation.
7. Beneficial in treating skin problems like psoriasis.
8. It is successful in reducing pain related with tooth problems.

Feverfew Tea Recipe:
Now that you are aware of feverfew tea’s health benefits, here’s how you can prepare it yourself:

1. A glass of boiling water
2. one teaspoon dried feverfew herb

Method: Steep one teaspoon of dried feverfew in boiling water for about five to eight minutes. Strain the water to get rid of dried residues of the herb. You can also use fresh feverfew herb if you have access to them. If you are using fresh leaves, then chop the leaves before steeping them in water. You can also add honey and little lemon to it to make the tea better tasting. You can also apply the steeped feverfew water on your skin as insect repellent.

How to Make Feverfew Herb Tincture

Take 300 gms. of fresh feverfew leaves or 200 gms. of dried feverfew leaves. If you are using fresh leaves then chop them up and if you are using dried leaves the crush them and put them in a glass bottle. In the same glass bottle add a litre of alcohol water solution (25%). Leave the mixture untouched for three weeks. Shake the bottle once every week. Use about five to ten drops of feverfew tincture with every use. You can also use vinegar, glycerol or distilled water in case you wish to prepare an alcohol free tincture.

Word of Caution: The feverfew herb should be consumed in moderation. Two cups of feverfew herbal tea is sufficient for deriving the benefits. However, feverfew has sedative properties and excess of it must be avoided. People who are already taking medicines which have blood thinning properties must not have feverfew herb as it interferes with clotting. Do not consume the leaves of feverfew, dried as well as fresh, as it may cause gum bleeding or irritation in the mouth.