Are you sure you don’t need folic acid?   

You will definitely need folic acid if you are

  1. Anaemic (megloblastic anaemia)
  2. A vegetarian youngster whose diet may not be balanced
  3. An alcoholic of any sort, or smoke a lot
  4. Are pregnant or are trying to be pregnant
  5. If you use oral contraceptives and anti convulsant drugs.
  6. If you have liver disease and kidney disease.

How Folic Acid Helps

Folic acid is vitamin B9, a water soluble synthetic form of Vitamin B folate that helps in producing healthy blood cells. It is found in plenty in leafy green vegetables like kale, mint, amaranth and spinach, citrus fruits, soy, eggs, legumes, nuts, enriched grains, livers and so on. By eating raw fruits and veggies and by cooking them in a minimum temperature you can retain the folates in your foods. Folic acid deficiency is related to birth defects, heart disease, premature senility, acne, anaemia and more.

  • A deficiency of folic in woman of childbearing age may cause neural tube defects in the newborn. A mother-to-be and a pregnant woman for at least the first 3 months of pregnancy will definitely need folic acid to have healthy babies.
  • Folates share a good relationship with the cardiovascular. Vitamin B reduces homocysteine, an amino acid formed by the breakdown of protein in your body, which will in turn help to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  • Senility is found to be a result of under nourished brain as one ages. It will repair the DNA of the brain and help to lower diseases like Alzheimer’s. Folic acid will help to supplement and keep the brain healthy and younger!
  • Nicotine (cigar smoke) may culminate in an unhealthy lungs and a set of medical conditions with it. Folates can help in reducing the harmful effects of nicotine.
  • About 90% of the people have seen an improvement in acne once they started using folic acid.
  • Energy levels can get a boost from folic acid. Folic acid will ensure the proper formation of haemoglobin. It will further get rid of lack of interest, depression and the like.

Recent studies put the common man in a dilemma with their latest finding that prolonged use of folic acid may increase the risk of cancers. It makes one wonder, “I thought folic acid helped protein metabolism and the production of healthy new cells.” However, the full report says that only the long term use (3 years or more) of high doses of folic acid may promote cancers like lung cancer. An average adult may require 100 micrograms of folic acid a day whereas a pregnant woman or a mother-to-be needs 400 micrograms.

-Aparna K V
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