Follow these 5 food rules to flaunt a glowing skin

The easiest way to have glowing skin is to to pamper skin regularly. Here are a few simple ways you can take good care of your skin. Opt to have a low glycemic load diet. This means to include whole grains like quinoa and oats in your diet in place of their refined products. With a low GL the acne producing hormones get reduced. You could also stop drinking milk as research shows that milk consumption increases acne. All the other dairy products are not a problem though. You might want to have more of foods that are rich in zinc like chickpeas, lentils and pumpkin seeds. Vitamin A rich foods like orange or yellow fruits and vegetables, leafy greens help balance skin inflammation. Lastly, remember to have probiotic and prebiotic foods regularly as they are necessary for healthy skin.

More details on the food rules on mindbodygreen.

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