Forgiveness Is The Best Medication For Any Ailment

Mahatma Gandhi says “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” It definitely takes a very strong heart and mind to truly forgive people for the way they made us feel. But, remember forgiveness is for you and not for somebody else. And, it's a healthy way to live.

A spine surgeon recounts a tale of how his patient who had a major spinal injury was able to overcome her disease and cure herself just with the ability of being able to forgive all those who had hurt her. The 60 year old lady who used an electric wheelchair for nearly a decade and was under multiple medications had in eight months shown the power of forgiveness as a healing mechanism for her body. No wheelchair, no walker, no medications, no pain she started hitting the gym three times a week! Research studies have shown that rumination and anger have a negative impact on our central and autonomic nervous system function and impairs their functioning. Forgiveness helps to manage and deal with the situation such that overtime it helps the endocrine system function more effectively.

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