How to Get Chubby Cheeks Naturally!

Try the following home remedies to put some flesh on your cheeks:

  • Include physical activities in your daily routine
  • Foods that can help make your cheeks chubby:  Honey, cheese, olive oil, carrots, oats, apples, and milk
  • Mix 3 pieces of apple, 3 slices of carrot and add half cup of lemon juice to it. Drink this juice every morning to make your cheeks chubbier.
  • Olive oil is involved in the production of skin fats. Consume a tsp of olive oil daily.
  • Have a small glass of aloe vera juice daily.
  • You can have chubby cheeks by consuming 1 glass of milk in morning and at night within 3 months.
  • Apply a paste made of butter and sugar and massage gently over the face. Similarly papaya and honey mix can be applied on the face.
  • Gargling with sesame oil daily was also found to be beneficial.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking, both of which can cause skin to lose elasticity.
  • Keep your body hydrated. Have 6-8 glasses of water daily.
  • Take a deep breath through your mouth and hold the air in your mouth as if you were about to play the trumpet. Try holding on to this pose for 30-60 seconds and then blow out the air gently. This is the simplest way to work your cheek muscles and jawline.
  • Suck in your cheeks as much as you can until you are making the fish lips. Pucker out your top and bottom lips, imitating a fish. Try to hold this position while you try to smile. Hold the smile for 20 seconds and relax your facial muscles. Repeat this facial exercise for chubby cheeks at least 10 times, thrice a day.





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