Do You Give in to Food Cravings?

Why is it that we at times start craving for something to munch on? While at our work desks or while walking back home, perhaps in the middle of doing some work or just in between watching a movie our desire to eat something becomes really intense.

Brain chemistry is thought to play a major role in what we crave and also why we keep craving for some foods. Cravings for fatty foods like pizza and ice cream is because of a brain chemical called galanin. The more we eat such kinds of foods, the more the galanin is produced which in turn triggers our cravings. Consumption of sweets or carbs raises the brain levels of a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin helps stabilize our moods and this cannot be achieved by having any other protein based meal. Therefore when you feel a great desire to eat something, you could simply satiate that feeling by giving in to your craving. At that moment you are likely not to over indulge but are really looking into curb that desire. But if you’re someone who can’t control yourself and struggle with weight issues, you ought to find different ways to help you out with the cravings.

For more details read psychologytoday.

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