Do you know what Greek yogurt is?

Greek yogurt is not another fancy name given to the everyday regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is different and has many benefits over the regular yogurt.

The difference between regular and Greek yogurt comes from the number of times the whey has been strained out.

While the liquidy whey is strained only twice in regular yogurt, it is strained thrice in Greek yogurt – basically removing all the water that is present in it.Because all the water has been removed out of it, it comes out being much creamier and dense.

Yogurt in general is quite healthy as it offers many nutritional benefits but Greek yogurt offers much more than the regular yogurt.

– It is also good for those with high blood pressure.
-More protein: Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein as compared to regular yogurt.
-Less carbohydrate: It has fewer carbs than regular yogurt.
-With Greek yogurt, you can cut down your sodium intake by half.
-When it comes to calories, both Greek and regular yogurt count the same.

The only downside is that Greek yogurt has less calcium than regular yogurt.