This post is continued from the Part 1 of Hashimoto’s Disease : Symptoms And Natural Cures. Here we will discuss more natural and herbal cures to keep the symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease under control and promote better health.

4. Sweat out the toxins:
Sweating is a very good way of getting rid of harmful toxins from the body that contribute to hypothyroidism. Make sure to indulge in activities that promote sweating to prevent Hashimoto’s Disease. Such activities are:
–    Exercise for about twenty minutes every day.
–    Do not use antiperspirants.
–    Take steam bath

5. Myrtle natural essential oils:
Natural essential oils are extracted from plants and used for healing purposes like treatment for Hashimoto’s disease. Essential oils are used to treat number of diseases. Myrtle essential oil is known to be helpful in the treatment of Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism. You can use Myrtle essential oil to massage or as an inhalant.

Do not use essential oil made from garlic and onion as they inhibit the function of the thyroid.

6. Homeopathic Treatment:
Homeopathic treatment will help manage your symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease better. The homeopathic medicines will be prescribed to you according to the specific symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease. You must consult a reputed homeopathic expert as he will understand your symptoms and then give you the best possible homeopathic medicines. However, the following homeopathic medicines have been known to treat the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism: Ammonium muriaticum, Arsenicum album, Badiaga, Baryta carbonica, Calcarea iodatum, Ferrum iodatum, Fucus vesiculosus, Ignatia amara, Iodium, Lapis alb, Lycopus virginicus, Spigelia, Spongia tosta, Sulfuricum iodatum, Thyroidinum.

7. Herbal Cures for Hashimoto’s Disease
The right herbs can really help manage Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism better. Here are some of the herbs which have shown positive effect on the symptoms of the disease. However, you must keep your physician informed about the herbs that you are taking. You do not have to take too many herbs at one time, stick to one herbal remedy for Hashimoto’s disease and see how it works out.

a) Chasteberry: this herb helps with proper functioning of the thyroid as well as the pituitary gland.
b) The common oats: also referred to as Avena sativa, this is helpful in increasing the energy levels as well as improving the libido.
c) Bayberry Herb: This herb is helpful in maintaining the optimum balance in the hormonal levels.
d) Black Cohosh: This herb also helps in balancing the hormonal levels.
e) Black Walnut: This herb is rich in organic manganese and iodine. These minerals aid the thyroid functions and improves metabolism which can prevent Hashimoto’s disease as well.
f) Bladderwrack: this herb is rich in iodine and helps stimulate hypoactive thyroid.
g) Coleus forskohlii herb: this herb stimulates the natural capability of the thyroid to release hormones.
h) Spirulina herb: this is useful in improving the health of the body in general.
i) Kelp Seaweed: This herb is a natural source of iodine and it improves the thyroid activity.
j) Panax Ginseng: This herb helps stop the damage to the thyroid gland.
k) Siberian Ginseng: This herb helps the adrenal gland as well as thymus glands. These glands help in improving the health of the thyroid.
l) Primrose Oil: Primrose oil is extracted from evening primrose tiny seeds by the pressing technique. This natural cure helps in normalizing thyroid activity.
m) Mullein: This herb is rich in iron, magnesium, sulfur, calcium phosphate and potassium. It helps in lowering swelling associated with autoimmune ailments.

You can use these herbs in the form of herbal capsules and herbal teas to prevent Hashimoto’s disease.

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