How to Heal Your Negativity With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy!

Do you sometimes feel so bogged down by life that you end up thinking you are a loser? Do you picturise yourself as someone who is good for nothing? Is your mind filled only with negative thoughts off late? Are you facing acute relationship problems? Then it is time that you go for cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a kind of counselling or a talking therapy to help people deal with their problems or negative situations. It involves discussing about the patient’s beliefs, what they think of themselves, their opinion about others and talking their thoughts and feelings out. Taking into consideration our past and understanding how our past has influenced our lives and how problems have arisen; through CBT we can improve our mental well being.

How is it done?

CBT is a goal oriented process and focuses on a specific problem that a person is facing at the moment. Both the therapist and patient sit and sort out the particular issue confronting the patient in a structured manner. It begins with first understanding the root cause of the problematic beliefs. The patient is made to introspect and is taken on a process of self discovery. This is followed by shifting focus on the actual behavioral practices that are contributing to the problem.

CBT programme consists of around 6-18 sessions depending on the complexity of the condition of the patient. Each session is pre decided once the symptoms are recorded. During the therapy one has to practice the new skills taught and apply the strategies to see the result. The trainer ensures that the techniques taught are being followed so that it gets easier for the patient to cope with the situation.

Just like a diet chart or an exercise regime is personalized based on one’s body and other requirements, a CBT therapist personalizes a treatment plan for each client based on their individual challenges.

When is it done?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very useful in treating mental health issues like depression or anxiety.  It can be an effective tool to help anyone learn how to better manage stressful life situations. CBT is been done when the patient is grappling with problems of panic, generalised and social anxiety, depression, eating disorders, anger and stress management or different kinds of phobias.

 Why is it done?

CBT helps tackle anxiety attacks and the bouts of depression that often confronts people. It provides with a new way of understanding situations to help deal with them better. Through CBT people are able to resolve relationship conflicts and manage negative emotions such as anger.  If a relationship has gone wrong or a marriage has failed a person comes to believe that he/she is not capable of having another meaningful relationship. This feeling makes one lonely and depressed. To ward off these tragic thoughts a CBT session comes of great help. Through the therapy, the therapist puts an end to the negative cycle going on in the patient’s head and makes him/her have a more positive outlook towards a new relationship.

Then there are diversion techniques to divert the mind and reduce negative thinking and emotions. Via procedures such as activity scheduling one is able to increase positive emotion and make it their way of life. A counsellor also does role plays to help the patient rehearse and practice the new behavioural approaches that can be used in real life situations.

Lastly, it is to be remembered that one must not become fully dependent on the CBT therapist. Through the sessions you learn to become your own healer and start steering your life in the direction of positivism.

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