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7 Health Benefits of Fish Oil (Continued)

8. Helps in preventing schizophrenia:
Yes that is absolutely true that the health benefits of fish oil may be helpful n preventing schizophrenia. Several research have been undertaken to find definite links between fish oil and schizophrenia. A recent study done by Australia’s Dr. Patrick McGorry showed a very interesting connection between fish oil supplement and possible prevention of schizophrenia problem. This study group consisted of eighty one teenagers as well as young adults who have symptoms of schizophrenia. Research has shown that one third of youngsters who have indicators of schizophrenia and do not receive early treatment may develop schizophrenia. This research showed that mere three percent of those given fish oil had schizophrenia, whereas 28 percent of those prescribed placebo developed schizophrenia. This study opened up new doors for the successful treatment of mental illnesses. Moreover, the health benefits of fish oil are large and the side effects are just few.

9. Better brain development in babies:
Researches have shown that women who have had the health benefits of fish oil while they are pregnant give birth to babies with comparatively enhanced brain development. Fish oil has been found to be beneficial for brain and the macular health of the baby inside the womb. Pregnant women who had fish oil were also found to give birth to babies with better IQ levels and less learning disorders. These babies were also observed to have fewer cases of mental illnesses when they grew up.

10. Better Focus:
Edward Hallowell, the MD of ADHD Hallowell center in Massachusetts suggests that patients who have problem in focusing should have regular fish oil supplements. He also mentions that the health benefits of fish oil are more prominent for mental focus as compared to hyperactivity. According to Dr Hallowell it may take upto six weeks before patients notice the health benefits of fish oil, but the results will be pretty substantial.

11. Better eyesight:

Different studies undertaken in Australia as well as US have shown that the health benefits of fish oil are good for the eyesight of the child inside the mother’s womb. Moreover, it was also found to make the adults less susceptible to macular degeneration of the vision as aging takes place.

12. Helps treat ulcers:
The University of Maryland Medical Center has established that the health benefits of fish oil are also good for those suffering from peptic ulcers. Fish oil is helpful in lowering inflammation and improves the immune system to prevent reoccurrence of ulcers. Fish oil also helps in treating the underlying causes of peptic ulcers such as anxiety, depression as well as stress.

13. Eases soreness from strenuous weight training:
The Bodybuilders all around the world are now taking fish oil supplements because of its ability to reduce inflammation. Fish oil has been found to reduce soreness caused by weight training.  Fish oil does not only benefit the bodybuilders but it also helps those who have started low intensity strength training. The less sore muscles will help you have a more enjoyable exercise session with less strain.

14. Reduces the effects of Alzheimer’s disorder:
The brain of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease aids greatly from fish oil intake. The components and the health benefits of fish oil helps in fighting the plaque inside the brain which is the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Fish oil also helps those who have memory disorders.

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