Many people I know spend long hours on their laptops or computers whether it is because of work or just to relax by playing a computer game, surf the web and connect with friends on online social networks. Whatever the reason be the fact it that many people spend more hours working on the computer than they spend by sleeping. Health obviously will be affected. Here are several tips and notes which when kept in mind can reduce the damage caused by working on the computer for long hours.

Avoid eye strain: The image that you see on the monitor is as a matter of fact flickering twenty five to eighty times every second. The natural sight retention of the eye and brain smoothens this flickering so that it seems that the image is constant. This is not a real image and continuously looking at this image tires the eye and causes strain, headaches and sight anomalies. To avoid this strain take a break every fifteen minutes andstare at a far off object which can be anything from a wall hanging on the wall, a tree outside the window or even the blank wall. If possible find an object which is farther and dark green in color. Staring at a distant object helps relax the eye muscles. Such an object prevents focusing of the eyes, where the two pupils are angled in the centre direction, whereas over here the pupils are pointing out in nearly parallel lines of sight. Dark green is a soothing color with a low glare.

Straighten up your back: while working on the computer we sit in the same position for long hours. If that position is incorrect then it will lead to many back problems. If we slump or sit in a manner such that our back muscle is under strain then we will end up having a stiff back and cramps. The chair you sit on plays a major role here, make sure it is one that supports your back and shoulder. Also try to sit with a straight back, slowly and slowly you will get in a habit to sit upright. Also stretch yourself every fifteen minutes to loosen up all your muscles and avoid cramps.

What is Repetitive Strain Disorder and how to avoid: Holding the mouse and moving it in the same hand held position for long hours everyday may lead to a health condition referred to as repetitive strain disorder. In this disorder the wrist joint is extremely damages due to the constant mild strain over it for long time. This is a painful condition and may be incurable if treatment is delayed. To avoid this disorder, leave the mouse and put your hands on the desk and try to push it with your fingers, next put your hands under the table and try to push it up with the back of your hand. Then flex your hands and fingers speedily, and rotate your hand from the wrist joint. Simply exercise your hand, the fingers and the joint in every way possible. Do this exercise after every fifteen minutes and every time your hands feels stiff.

Conclusion: taking frequent one minute breaks while working on the computer is very important. When you take this break stand up and stretch, then find an object to stare at and also exercise your hand. A minute break every fifteen minute can really save your health.