Intestinal Parasites are generally caused by two types of intestinal parasites known as protozoa and helminthes. Protozoa are one celled organisms that have the capability to multiply on its own inside the body. Whereas, helminths do not multiply inside the body, they generally finish off with medical treatment. Helminths that are commonly observed to infect humans are tapeworm or roundworms.

1. Nauseous feeling
2. Loss of weight
3. Tiredness
4. Diarrhea
5. Gastric problems or bloating
6. Stomach ache
7. If you pass a worm in stool

Natural Cures
If the above symptoms match your condition then firstly you must contact your doctor to determine the kind of organism that is causing you trouble. This is usually determined through several tests. The following herbs have been known to be quite helpful in relieving the symptoms of intestinal parasites.

1. Garlic: Garlic kind of works against several parasites such as genus Ascaris, giardia, trypanosome, Leishmania as well as Plasmodium. Garlic can taken in herbal capsule or in its raw form.

2. Goldenseal: The Goldenseal herb plant has been used since ages for curing infections that involves mucous membranes inside the human body, like respiratory infections. Several studies have shown that berberine, the active component of this herb, is active against several parasities such as Endamoeba, giardia as well as Plasmodium.

3. Black Walnut: This is a popular herb used to cure ringworm as well as athlete’s foot. The juice of raw and unripe husks of black walnut is used to cure fungal infections as well as get rid of parasites.

4. Wormwood: This herb is also used for many centuries to cure intestinal parasites. Certain studies have indicated that wormwood herb works against several parasities such as common roundworm, Plasmodium, Schistosoma, and flagellate. Wormwood contains a component known as sesquiterpene, which weakens the membranes of parasites. Wormwood is obtainable in herbal teas, liquid syrup extracts and herbal tablet form. The pure wormwood oil should not be consumed as it may prove to be toxic.

5. Wormseed: This is a traditional herb used to eliminate parasites from the body such as tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms. The concentrated oil of wormseed herb is extremely strong and not advisable. Wormseed herbal tea is significantly beneficial.

6. Pumpkin seeds: For ages, pumpkin seeds have been used to cure infections caused by tapeworm and roundworms. Herb doctors are usually known to advise large doses of pumpkin seeds for adults to cure intestinal infection. The pumpkin seeds can be crushed and combined with juices. Usually, the patients are told to take laxatives after couple of hours of taking pumpkin seeds to eradicate any worms as well as cleanse the digestive system.

7. Grapefruit Seed Extracts: This herb is available in syrup form with herbal or even general stores. Certain studies have shown that grapefruit seeds contain antimicrobial and anti-yeast components.

8. Diet suggestions: These diet suggestions will help you get well soon and support parasite cleansing:
-Avoid coffee, alcoholic drinks, refined food products mainly refined sugar.
-Eat more raw garlic. Eat Pineapple as it helps in clearing tapeworms. Papaya seeds helps in digesting protein. Carrot and sweet potatoes are rich source for beta carotene.
-Turmeric and cloves are two healthy spices that help clear the body of parasites. Probiotics helps in rebuilding beneficial bacteria in the intestines.