If you have been feeling sluggish, tired or irritable all the time, then it’s probably time to detox your body. Over a period of time toxins accumulate in your body and make it less active or sluggish. An herbal detox plan involves the intake of herbal teas as well as herbal supplements to flush out the toxins and improve health.

Why You Should Detox:

A detox plan is formulated to assist your body in getting rid of toxins that have been stored in the fat cells. These toxins have not been metabolised. Detoxification of the body helps in improving the function of the liver and enhances nutrient absorption in the alimentary tract. By flushing the toxins out of your body, your health will improve drastically and the frequency of illness will reduce. Your energy levels will shoot up and even the absorption of the nutrients will increase. This will directly effect your mental and emotional health.

One of the chief reasons why herbs are used in detoxification is because they are organic in nature and easy to digest and absorb by the body. Moreover, varied herbs have varied healing effects on the body. Try to procure organically grown herbs as they will have less or no pesticides. You can purchase the herbs from the market or if you have the patience then grow them on your own.

Herbal Teas:

Chamomile herb is super effective in improving the digestion and enhancing the absorption capability. Ginger and Rosemary teas help improve circulation. Goldenseal, green tea and milk thistle are hepatic in nature and improve the function of the liver and secretion of gall. Diuretic teas like licorice, parsley, cinnamon and sandalwood improve the function of the kidney.

You can also include cayenne to the herbal tea to aid circulation and get rid of mucus from the body. This hastens the time to eradicate the toxins that are absorbed in the mucus.

When you make herbal tea, use fresh and unprocessed honey instead of sugar. The herbs used should be dry and steep them in hot water for about three minutes.

Herbal Supplements:

You can easily get herbal supplements on your local drug stores. Most of the supplements come in tablet for syrup form. These supplements can also be purchased online, but make sure you buy it from a reliable source.

Herbs used in detoxification:

Turmeric, coriander as well as cumin has been used since centuries to improve the digestion. Flax seed, psyllium and senna are commonly used laxatives that help with the removal of toxins just in case you are suffering from irregular bowel movements. Take the above mentioned herbs as supplements as the seasoning at times reduces the nutritional content of the herb.

You have to remember that detox is not a one time fix but you will for sure feel more active and happier after the detoxification.

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