Do you have a history of depression, or perhaps suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?  Herbal remedies for depression can help you beat those feelings of sadness.  Many people suffer more in the winter, when there is less sunlight and longer periods of darkness.  No matter what kind of depression you are going through, there is help available.

No doubt you have heard many stories of people who take prescription drugs for depression and anxiety.  Some medications make the symptoms worse.  In fact, many people become suicidal when taking these drugs.  Don’t take chances with your health.  Natural remedies can work miracles for returning to a normal, happy life free from depression.

If you do suffer from SAD, getting outdoors in the sunshine for a few minutes per day can help tremendously.  Take a 30 minute walk, or even go for a drive.  Anything to get some light will help.  If you must be indoors, there are special lights made especially for people with depression.

Herbal remedies for depression work to balance chemicals in your brain that are responsible for your condition.  Unlike prescription medications, herbal supplements don’t usually cause the severe side effects that other drugs can. Millions of people have used herbal remedies for depression with great success.

Here are some herbs you may find in effective supplements, and what they do:

1.  Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort) – This herb helps to balance mood, and stabilize the chemicals in the brain.  St. John’s wort works to balance your mood so that your sad and depressed feelings don’t overtake the “feel good” side of your brain.

2.  Passiflora Incarnata (Passion Flower) – Passion flower is a soothing and moderating herb.  It helps soothe feelings of tension and anxiety, which are often linked with depression.

Since depression does begin in your brain, being positive and practicing positive thinking will help.  Many conditions such as anxiety start in the brain, and you can get positive results by simply using a “mind over matter” approach.

Each morning when you look in the mirror, tell yourself that you CAN beat your depression.  Change your routine up, go out with friends, and practice doing things to help take your mind off of your depression.

By combining herbal remedies for depression, light therapy and mind improvement exercises, you can beat this!  Overcoming depression is possible using natural methods, and you don’t have to resort to dangerous drugs.  Regain your happy life again – you can do it.

Read the book “Overcome Depression”.  It will change your life!

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