Why Do We Need Herbal Remedies For Memory Loss?

There are many reasons why one may have poor memory or inefficient brain functions. Some of the reasons contributing to poor memory are drug abuse, high blood pressure, improper thyroid activity, brain tumors, insufficient blood flow to the brain and several other health problems.

Not to worry, nature has provided use with miraculous herbal remedies for memory loss that can treat almost every problem, including poor memory.

How Herbal Remedies For Memory Loss Can Help

Different herbal remedies for memory loss problem have different actions. But most of the herbs used have neuroprotective properties and are a nerve tonic. These herbal remedies for memory loss help in soothing the nerves, relaxing the muscles, ease depression and improve the concentration power of the person. The herbs might also help by reducing inflammation as well as the damage caused by free radicals and ultimately improve the nerves and tissues. Herbal remedies for memory loss can be used in different forms such as herbal teas, herbal capsules, tinctures or extracts. The herbs do not pose any health problems; however, if you are taking any medications then keep your doctor informed to avoid any interference with the treatment.

Researchers have established that the chief reason for poor memory is decreased blood supply to the brain. Many studies have proved that herbal remedies for memory loss have the ability to resolve problem associated with brain functions. One such herb is Ginkgo. Gingko has properties which can enhance the brain’s ability to use glucose which can really help better the short term memory of a person by improving the nerve impulses. But there are more amazing herbal remedies for memory loss that are very effective. Here are some of them:

1. Bacopa (also known as Bacopa monnieri)
This herb has been used for many ages in Ayurveda as a tonic for the brain and the nerves. The Ayurvedic practitioners use the whole plant to treat many more health problems such as anxiety, epilepsy, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis. The chief ingredients in Bacopa are alkaloids, Flavonoid and glucosides. This herb also has antioxidant properties. Bacopa has been used for a very long time now to improve memory and cognitive activity of the brain. A study published in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded that these herbal remedies for memory loss greatly improved the memory function in the senior subjects. Avoid using this herb if you are pregnant, or having medicines for thyroid or calcium blockage.

2. Rosemary:
A research done by University of Maryland Medical Center concluded that the smell of rosemary herb helps in improving the memory. Rosemary essential oil is very popular oil in aromatherapy treatments and it helps in improving the levels of concentration as well. Moreover, many other scientific studies have concluded that rosemary essential oil has properties which enhances the memory and focus. Adding rosemary essential oil to a diffuser and burning it near your bedside before going to bedtime will be one of the great herbal remedies for memory loss.

3. Ginkgo:
As mentioned above ginkgo Biloba herb helps in improving cognitive actions and reducing memory loss. Ginkgo is a said to be one of the very helpful herbal remedies for memory loss. Gingko Biloba helps in improving the flow of blood to the brain which is important for proper functioning of the brain. You can have this herb in pill form or grind it up and sprinkle on top of food or drinks. If you have this herb on regular basis then results will start showing in about two to four months. Consult an experienced herbalist for the right dosage for your condition.

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