Yes, it is totally possible to sail through menopause using herbal remedies. Women all over the world must begin to see their bodies in a different light–the light of truth regarding how your body is not sick when it starts the three phases of the menopause process. Every natural process that the human body experiences like menopause is not an illness and women should start to take charge of their bodies in a natural way. Nature is on your side. Menopause can bring some unpleasant symptoms, it can make you feel sick or even inconsolable at times. It’s not that nature has decided that women should suffer more at the beginning of the end of their menstrual cycle, more than childbirth itself, but this eventuality should signal however reasonable inquiry into how the body works as a whole system. And in so doing, begin by thinking about a natural approach. Especially now when harsh medicines are being exposed for their unforgiving side effects when the truth is kinder and gentler on the mind, body and spirit.


The mind will “comprehend” what the spirit “knows” and the body “experiences.”


In other words, try to understand your physical body, its connection to the other parts of the self and be kinder to your self. We don’t need to medicate but rather remedy the condition. It’s a matter of “looking” at you in a whole different way than what we have been conditioned to believe. And that is the main problem. Conditioned belief, that women have to be medically treated, and that they are sick or even diseased during a natural transition when the fact is that herbal remedies provided by the good earth is nature’s cure.


There have been countless books, reference size in some cases, which cover this very much written about yet sometimes misunderstood stage in a woman’s life–misunderstood in the sense that you cannot isolate a function of the human body and then treat it like it’s a science project, medical mystery, or disease! And no, we don’t have to get a degree in menopause to make the symptoms totally vanish without the harsh and dangerous side effects of hormone replacement. The first step in understanding how to minimize and even eliminate menopausal symptoms comes with understanding your body, your lifestyle, and in being so attuned to yourself that you naturally and instinctively, with just a little bit of knowledge, will be able to sail through menopause using natural medicine.


If you properly prepare yourself-your mind, your spirit and your body for menopause by starting to gain some knowledge on the herbal facts, work with your health practitioner, be it a naturopathic or traditional doctor who is willing to be honest about natural menopause treatments, you will discover a kinder more gentler approach to remedying the temporary indicators of menopause. Natural stuff works!

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