Herbal remedies for urinary tract infection are certainly worth considering if your symptoms are mild. They can have a good success rate and the popularity of natural treatments is climbing generally due to concern over the widespread use of antibiotics.

Ancient history supports the theory that herbs have been used for many centuries to heal all manner of conditions. They are generally good for the whole body and can help support general healing, not just of the urinary tract. Herbal remedies can be an economical option-indeed you may even find that you already have the ingredients to hand in your kitchen cupboards.

Herbs which have been shown to be beneficial for urinary tract health include rose hips, dandelion, fennel, marshmallow, oat straw and nettles. It therefore follows that if you drink herbal teas made with any of these ingredients, you will be on your way to improving the health of the urinary tract. Parsley is also another component of good herbal remedies and this can be eaten raw in salads or the dried variety can be liberally added to foods.

Health food stores often carry a range of herbal remedies for urinary tract infections and you may like to consider keeping one of these in the cupboard as a standby.

Other good natural treatments for urinary tract infections include drinking plenty of plain water and perhaps a couple of glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice each day. It is also good practice to avoid sugar, as this can aid the growth of bacteria within the urinary tract. You could also try placing a heat pad on the abdomen and avoid using any perfumed products around the vaginal area.

If you prefer to use a natural treatment, herbal remedies for urinary tract infection are not the only option. There is an excellent natural cure which is guaranteed to begin working to take away the pain within just 30 minutes and you will be completely free of pain by the following day. By supporting the body’s own healing qualities, this treatment will enhance and strengthen the body’s immune system enabling it to fight off the cause of the infection extremely quickly and effectively. It is totally safe for both sexes and for children and adults alike. In addition, it completely safe to be taken alongside any other medication. As with herbal remedies for urinary tract infection, this treatment does not contain any synthetic ingredients or expensive over the counter medication. It is also guaranteed to work faster than antibiotics.

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