Earlier, herbal medications were used in only a few great civilization of the world. For the treatment of every disease the world is reverting to herbal medications and hair loss disease are not exceptions. Guess what, you dont even have to look any further, as a herbal hair loss solution

for both men and women is now available in the market. Herbal supplements are an important tool to use when fighting hair growth problems.


Herbal remedies are being taken more seriously now due to the increased danger of side effects from drugs. To read more about the herbal ingredients in Provillus, and to see if it might be the best hair regrowth product for you, just follow the link. Finally, instead of messy creams or complicated procedures, Provillus is an herbal supplement that is simply taken orally, absorbed into your bloodstream, and goes to work. Its

remarkable formula is based on herbal ingredients that are needed to regrow hair naturally as soon as possible. It is a totally natural herbal extract and has no chemicals.


Hair loss is a common cause of embarrassment for both men and women. Hair thinning is more common in men than in women, but both genders can suffer.

It is a problem, especially to a woman. Hair thinning is also a common problem related to age faced by most men and women as their follicles

start to shrink and die. Hair thinning is a naturally occurring process that affects people around the age of forty on average though some people can suffer from premature hair thinning.


There are many necessary minerals and vitamins for hair growth, and proper nutrition or nutritional supplements can go a long way toward restoring natural hair growth. Natural treatments are an option including natural supplements. These supplements have a blend of ingredients that together are believed to promote hair re-growth.

It is recommended that people eat about three servings of protein every day. Because hair grows slowly (about 1 inch every two months) it is recommended that men use Provillus for at least 1 to 2 months before they should expect results.

For women, at this time we only have two recommended natural hair loss products, but both are very highly recommended and they should help most women to stop their hair loss problems.

Nirogam Hair Tonic Kit

  1. Reduces hair fall
  2. Nourishes the scalp and root of the hair
  3. Prevents greying of hair
  4. Helps fight dandruff
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