Stomach ache is one of the most common problems faced by people of all ages including kids. Stomach ache can be sharp or mild and strike anywhere between the chest and the groin. Young, old and kids… anyone can get a stomach ache anytime. Some of the chief causes of stomach pain are constipation, upset stomach, gastric troubles, food poisoning, ulcerous formation, appendicitis, gallbladder inflammation, stones in the kidney, hernia as well as a urinary tract infection. In this article I have written about some simple home remedies to cure stomach ache.

Home Cures for stomach ache:

1. This is the most popular home cure for stomach pain. Simply mix one teaspoon of fresh mint juice along with one teaspoon of limejuice. To this mix add couple of drops of ginger juice and a pinch of black salt. This mixture will help you get instant relief from stomach ache.

2. Squeeze out juice from a small ginger piece. Gently apply this juice on the belly bottom and massage with a light hand. This is an effective cure for stomach ache.

3. Drinking plain soda when the stomach pain is due to acidity is simply the most effective cure.

4. Take fifty ml of water and add two teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice along with one gram rock salt. You can have this mix for two to three times a day to get rid of that stomach ache.

5. Take all the following ingredients in equal amounts: dry ginger, roasted cumin seeds, coriander, black pepper, dried mint leaves, asafetida and rock salt. Grind them properly into fine powder. After having your meal have one teaspoon of this powder with a glass of lukewarm water.

6. Take half a cup of lukewarm water. Add one teaspoon of castor oil and one teaspoon of fresh ginger juice to this water. This really helps in easing out the bouts of pain in the stomach.

7. Mix twenty grams of aniseeds to half a glass of water. Leave it over the night and strain the water in the morning. Drink the same for pain relief.

8. Mix two teaspoon of fresh lemon juice along with one teaspoon of freshly squeezed ginger juice. To this mixture add one and a half teaspoon sugar and have it once in the morning and once in the evening.

9. Make a fine paste from fenugreek seeds. Mix this paste in a small bowl filled with fresh curd. This is a helpful way to get rid of stomach pain and severe cramps.

10. Pomegranates are extremely useful in curing stomach aches. Take a bowlful of pomegranate seeds and add little salt as well as black pepper to it. Chew the seeds properly and eat them twice in a day.

11. Take five hundred ml water and mix two grams of black currants and two grams of fennel seeds to it. Leave the black currants and the fennel seeds soaked in water overnight. In the morning, crush the black currants as well as the fennel seeds in the water only and add about one gram of sugar to it. Drink this mixture everyday and very soon you will find the stomach ache gone forever.

12. Take three gram carom seeds, three gram rock salt and three gram common salt with a glassful of lukewarm water. It really helps in getting relief from the stomach ache.
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