Home Remedies for Facial Hair (Hirsutism)

Unwanted facial hair is medically termed as Hirsutism. Other than on the face you may notice excessive hair growth on the chest and back also. The texture of hair may be very thick and dark.

Causes of Hirsutism

  • Hormonal imbalance like PCOS, increased androgens.
  • Certain medications.
  • Hereditary.


Home Remedies for Hirsutism

You may try the following home remedies for beneficial results:

  • Peel and grind raw papaya.  Add turmeric powder and mix well. Massage your face with this paste for fifteen minutes and wash with cool water. Repeat this once or twice weekly.
  • Turmeric mixed with milk and made into a paste can be applied as face pack. When it is dry mildly scrub and remove.
  • Make a paste of chickpea flour, turmeric powder and fresh cream.  Apply this paste as a face pack.
  • Mix few drops of honey and lemon juice in egg white and apply on affected area. When it is about to dry, remove with cotton dipped in warm water.
  • Mix sugar, lemon juice and water. Apply this to your face in the direction of hair growth and  Leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with water by rubbing gently. Do this twice or thrice a week. After few weeks, you will see noticeable reduction in hair growth.
  • Mix sugar and cornflour in egg white. Beat it till you get a smooth paste. Apply this egg mask to your face and let it dry.Once it is dried, pull this egg mask along with the hair.
  • Applying honey alone on the affected area can lighten the colour of your facial hair and make it blend in with your skin colour.
  • Consume foods rich in Phytoestrogens like flax seeds, fennel, liquorice, alfalfa, asparagus, soy products and aloe vera
  • If you are obese, losing excess weight also reduces facial hair growth.
  • Decoction prepared of Anantmool can be consumed to regularise your hormones.


If you are suffering with PCOS or any hormonal imbalance, you need to undergo Panchakarma procedures and take proper medications for permanent cure.

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