Why Do We Need Home Remedies For Teeth Grinding?

Some people develop teeth grinding habits which could cause damage to the teeth as well as gums but also cause harm the body. Grinding the teeth while sleeping (known as bruxism)can also disturb the sleep and devoid the body of the rest it needs. Also, your partner will find the constant noise from grinding of the teeth disturbing. At times people just ignore this problem but it may cause severe long term damage to the teeth and gums. Hence, once you realize you have this problem you have to start treating it with the help of your dentist or some home remedies for teeth grinding. Ignoring the same may also increase the problem apart from worsening the damage to the body. You must visit the dentist to have the teeth examined and determine the main cause of the problem. Also, you can try some home remedies for teeth grinding to reduce the problem. These home remedies for teeth grinding, if regularly practiced, can even cure the problem altogether.

Natural Home Remedies For Teeth Grinding:

1. Have a crunchy fruit or vegetable
Right before going to bed try munching on a crunchy fruit and vegetable such as apple, cauliflower, carrot. By chewing these natural home remedies for teeth grinding, you make your gums and mouth exercise. This will make your teeth and gums a bit calm before bed time. A calm mouth and gums will result in less instances of grinding of the teeth while you sleep.

2. Washcloth dipped in lukewarm water:
This is also one of the effective home remedies for teeth grinding. Dip a clean soft washcloth in lukewarm water and place it around the face right where the jaw muscles are inside the mouth. Place the washcloth in a manner is wraps from one side of the mouth to the other. This will ease the clenching of the jaws. Also head pain associated with teeth grinding will be eased. Repeat these simple home remedies for teeth grinding every night to notice a significant difference in your condition from the day you start.

3. Warm massage and warm bath:
Stress is one of the chief causes of grinding of teeth. A long day at work or a hectic day at home will cause stress which can trigger excessive grinding of the teeth. Try to relax and ease stress before going to bed at night. Take a warm long bath, light some aromatic candles and add some aromatic oils in the bath water. If possible get a massage before your sleeping time. All these home remedies for teeth grinding will help your body rejuvenate and release stress and ease the problem.

4. Sleeping position, Sleep on the back:
The best position to reduce the grinding of the teeth is to sleep on your back instead of your side or face down. Research has indicated that sleeping on the side increases the intensity of grinding of the teeth. Hence, one of the effective home remedies for teeth grinding is to try to sleep back down to ease the problem.

5. Warm milk or herbal tea before bedtime:
Warm drinks are also good home remedies for teeth grinding. You can have either warm glass of milk or a herbal tea of your choice before you go to sleep because the warmth calms the need to grind. Do not drink alcoholic beverages before sleeping as it will only increasing the grinding of the teeth.

6. Deep breathing:
Deep breathing exercises are also great home remedies for teeth grinding as they relax the tired muscles. The more relaxed your body is the less your teeth will grind.