We believe Allopathy blindly. We turn to Alternative Cures only when Modern Medicine fails.

Rarely do we think the treatment possibilities in Alternative Medicine especially in the case of dreadful diseases like cancer. Our blind belief in Allopathy gets challenged when we get struck with illnesses which Modern Medicines cannot cure.

Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal, is a renowned Homeopathic Physician based in Delhi who has treated and cured many major illnesses including cancer. Dr. Aggarwal is the H.O.D of Organon of Medicine in the Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College (N.H.M.C.), Agra, U.P.

We talked to Dr. Aggarwal in an email interview on the powerful curative abilities of Homeopathy.

A decade in which people have taken a step away from Modern Medicine towards Alternative Treatment Methods. How is Homeopathy helpful for common diseases?

Modern medicine and Alternative Treatment methods are the recent names given to two
thoughts of treatment practised since ages. These two ways are:

a. Wholistic way
b. Localistic way

Since the beginning of medical art both these ways existed with the human race. One of these Methods remained dominant in different ages. Which method remained dominant depended on the Aura and Era of different personalities in different parts of the globe. After 2000 A.D., Homoeopathy started gaining popularity around the world.

Why it gained fame is due to a simple reason. Homoeopathy not only has curative abilities but it further prevents the occurrence of common diseases. In fact, homoeopathy works on the immunity (what we can call, an “in-built defense software”) It guides the system of the body and the body heals by itself.
And the best part is Homeo Medicines have no side effects. Also, Homoeopathic medicines do not get obsolete with the passage of time.

For example let me tell you about this patient…

A 45-yr old woman who was hypothyroid, consulted us for abnormal menstrual bleeding preceded by spotting for few days followed by usual flow and heaviness in the lower abdomen. Her ultrasound showed multiple uterine fibroids and bilateral ovarian cysts and was advised Hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus). She wished to avoid surgery and consulted us for a cure. On a detailed evaluation of her mental and physical condition, we found that she was a sensitive person by nature.

• Before the appearance of these symptoms she was anxious about her son falling in bad company.
• She was apprehensive about his future
• Apart from the above symptoms, she also suffered from constipation and recurrent Urinary Infection.

We prescribed her IGNATIA in LM potency. She was advised to repeat ultrasound after 3 months of taking regular medicine. She was soon relieved of her heaviness and her menstrual flow was normalized. The USG showed no fibroid and no ovarian cyst on left side. Her symptoms were tackled and the need for surgery was taken care off. Thus, Homoeopathy showed a curative role in one of the so-called surgical cases.

Many women of the fertility age suffer from conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis etc. causing them pain and infertility. How can Homeopathy help in fertility problems (both men and women)?

Modern medical science does not offer much except by trial n error. But Homeopathy is different.

Let me tell you a case. A couple consulted us as they failed to conceive. On physical examination, everything was found normal. Then we asked them about the emotional bond. The wife revealed that she was terrified of intercourse and it was not a comfortable experience for her. She was given a Homoeo medicine named as Aconite they were blessed with a baby soon.

Homeopathy treats “like with the like”. Can you please explain to our readers about the treatment principle of Homeopathy?

Better say like cuts the like. For example: iron cuts iron and poison cuts poison. All vaccinations work on this principle. And in homeopathy, medicines were first proved on healthy humans to know what kind of disease patterns it can produce. The patients are studied and their disease patterns are matched with one most closely matching the medicine. In fact, homeopathy is a selected or tailored vaccine of that patent to correct the immunity part of the patient.

These are times when cancer has become increasingly common like the flu. What hope can Homeopathy offer to cancer patients?

We take immunity as something mechanical but it’s a very dynamic process. When I say dynamic, I mean all dynamics like the environment, psycho-social aspects (relationships), foods etc. There are various factors that leads to immune failure in a person and Homeo medicines have the ability to correct this immunity failure. However, the success of medicines varies from case to case.

In my 20 years of treating cancer cases, I have found that Homeo treatment, if correctly done, has lots of hope to offer. We have been able to successfully treat a case of metastatic soft tissue sarcoma in a 30 year old man. He had already undergone treatment modalities like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation without effect while the PET scan reports after Homeopathic Treatment showed the absence of lesions.

Will perking immunity help prevent cancer or its recurrence? Please shed some light on it.

Cancer is in fact an immunity failure saliently. Homeopathy corrects this immunity failure and your body is capable of doing the rest.

The most important point is, are you living in good tune with your family? Even if you eat less, having healthy and happy familial relations makes your immunity at its best. Because family is defense, immunity is defense. Think of this! Our ancestors were pretty healthy. They ate healthy. They had healthy family ties. Follow what is good in our culture when it comes to lifestyle.

Many patients lose hope when diagnosed with cancer. Losing the Will Power affects the success of their treatment too. What words of optimism can you offer to them?

In my experience, most of the cancer patients are of very bold nature. They take it boldly. Once they give a fair trial to homoeopathy then in about two weeks time tell us about the positive impact of Homeo medicines.

Please explain to our readers about the role of Homeopathy in treating and curing dreadful diseases like cancer. Many people are not aware of it. Please enlighten them about the possibilities.

Homoeopathy is meant for all dreadful diseases. Homeopathy should be take up as the first step, first line of treatment. People tend to “try out: Homeopathy after all modalities of treatment including surgery and chemotherapy. I would like to tell you that Homeopathy is capable of handling many diseases exclusively. However, some conditions like severe head injury need hospital care along with Homeopathic Treatment.

What is the mechanism of action in Homeopathy in the treatment of cancer?

Homeo treats the person not the disease. It requires a proper evaluation of not only the condition but also the individual suffering from it. The treatment is customized. Here is the catch. Holistic approach is always tailor made so homoeopathy is a designer medicine, specific for the patient only. Different people suffering from the same disease may need different medicines.

I already told you, Homeo medicine acts by correcting the immunity of the patient. Once the indicted medicine goes in to the patient and starts correcting the immunity (timeline-from first dose taken to 10 ten days maximum), with care of patients mental and physical environment, recovery takes place.

A word of advice for people in remission?

My advice to a cancer patient in remission is to find a Homeo doctor for treatment. I suggest getting
homoeo treatment for all of his or her complaint. Since cancer is a genetic disease get your children and grand children to be treated with Homeopathy for an immune boost.

Homeo for kids! Homeo is popular as a safe treatment method to prevent and treat common ailments including cold, flu and stomach ailments. At what age in babies can we start Homeo medicines?

Kids can take Homeopathy right from womb time onwards.

Homeo is believed to be good for teething woes. Please tell us something about that too.

Teething woes are nothing but a kind of very mild rickets. I mean disturbed calcium usage in kids. Calcium is important element in a living being, available intracell and extracell, controlled by thyroid and parathyroid hormones. When I say, “disturbed calcium”, I mean that calcium may be available but not properly used or may be deficient. Homeopathy sets that in order.

Homeopathy works wonders for skin ailments. Our readers are all ears about it.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Skin develops first before all organs developed. Remember that the diseases of the skin are not just only diseases of the skin but a presentation of other internal issues. For example, pimples occur due to disturbed sex hormones, environmental toxins including dust complicate it. Homeopathy takes care of it from the inside and once corrected then it remains corrected forever.

What kind of diet does homeopathy recommend?

Homeopathy recommends Diet as per:

• A person’s general health and medical conditions, if any.
• The kind of Homeo medicines given.

Why do people prefer homeopathy medicine when modern science is so advanced?

The so called advancement is nothing but a mirage. It’s the technology especially in surgery which has advanced. The rest is the same. People got disappointed and started looking for alternatives. In this trial, homoeopathy performed well and more and more people are looking up to Homeopathy now.

What do you have to say to people who consider Homeopathy as quackery? How do we break that myth?

The best way is to let people experience it and decide for themselves. If Homeopathy is quackery then Modern medicine is oracle. The only way to know is to experience.

A couple of words to those worried about the safety of Homeopathic Remedies?

Safety of medicines is an important issue. The Government of India is much concerned about the safety of medicines and many steps are taken in this regard. I recommend consulting Homeopathic Practitioners who use generic homeopathic medicine, give prescriptions, and are open to discussion.

Got questions? Feel free to ask!