Wheezing, breathlessness, coughing and helplessness!!! Do these symptoms remind you of an asthma attack? I know just how you feel. As a small child I suffered from asthma. I still vaguely remember those heavy breathes and sad visits to the hospital for a regular dose of nebulizers. But that’s all in the past now. I have completely healed all because of a wonder treatment we all acknowledge as Homeopathy. Here I share its wondrous treatment in curing asthma with all of you.

First, about asthma

An asthma attack is triggered when inflammation of the respiratory tract limits or blocks the oxygen flow to and from the lungs. Asthma attack can happen due to number of external factors such as pollution, dust, pollen etc. An asthma attack does not come with any warning it can happen anywhere and anytime.

Why Homeopathy

If you are asthmatic, your doctor must have prescribed you allopathic medicines and nebulizer doses. These medicines provide instant relief, however, they cause harmful side effects which may not be evident immediately. Also, prolonged usage of these medicines causes dependency. Fortunately, we have a holistic treatment that provides positive cure to treat asthma. Homeopathy is avidly practiced worldwide to cure asthma. Most asthmatics have experienced significant improvement after just a short term course in homeopathy. Homeopathy strikes the human body’s natural healing system by transforming the asthma attack triggers as a cure. Homeopathy is about imparting overall good health rather than focusing on just the ailment.

Homeopathy recognizes the main cause of asthma and aims at eliminating it from the root. Asthmatics have a week immune system which causes frequent allergic reactions which triggers asthma. Homeopathy strengthens the immune system as well as deal with asthma allergies, cold and coughs all at once. Homeopathy treatment helps in achieving overall balance and the human body starts responding positively given any condition.

Homeopathic treatment

The homeopathic treatment for asthma is never same for two people as the root cause of asthma attack differs from one to another. There is no single prescribed treatment for asthma in homeopathy that works for all. Only a qualified and experienced homeopathic doctor can find out the root cause as well as other contributing conditions that cause an asthma attack. Factors like: allergens that trigger an asthma attack, the frequency of attacks and overall health and well being are all understood and taken into account in prescribing a successful treatment of asthma by homeopathy doctor.

Asthma is not like mild fever which can be treated with a single medicine. You must consult a reputed and acknowledged homeopathic doctor for effective and successful cure. The homeopathic treatment is not a miracle cure, it may take some time in healing your body and the curative results may not be visible immediately. You have to be patient, it may take some time but homeopathy can impart lifelong relief from asthma in the long term, it did to me.

Homeopathic treatment can definitely provide relief from asthma attacks and wheezing, but in some cases when the asthma attack is severe, immediate medical help should be taken. Through this post, I do not mean to communicate that you ignore allopathic treatment when asthma attack happens. Homeopathic cure does hinder with ongoing medications. Even though you might have had a strong dose of allopathic medicine or nebulizer dose to curb an asthma attack, you can still go on taking homeopathic medicines. But do keep your doctors informed.

So what’s stopping you from scheduling an appointment with a homeopath? Homeopathy is a complete holistic treatment which can impart long term relief and possibly a future free from asthma attacks. Plus the homeopathy medicine tastes good!