Anorexia Nervosa is now days more commonly referred to as Anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder more commonly observed in females. Although women or girls are more susceptible to this eating disorder, however, in today’s time this eating disorder is also observed in men. Teenagers are all the more susceptible to anorexia because of peer pressure to look thin and presentable. This eating disorder is characterized by very low body weight as well as body image distortion. The affected person is extremely scared of weight gain and considers himself or herself overweight even if their weight is average. This eating disorder is actually a psychological problem more commonly caused due to peer pressure, cultural pressure, and environment at home and at school or workplace. If it is detected in early stages, it can be treated with proper counseling along with some home remedies. Counseling is the most effective way of curing this eating disorder. The love and affection of family members and friends can easily help cure the patient. Along with counseling you can also try the natural ways of increasing the appetite. Read on to know about them:

1. Ginger and rock salt treatment is the best home remedy to cure anorexia. Take a small piece of ginger and remove its outer layer completely. Grind it properly and add couple of drops of lemon juice, a pinch of asafetida powder and one crushed black pepper. Form a paste using the above mixture. Give this paste to the person suffering from anorexia in the morning on an empty stomach for fifteen days. It works as an excellent appetizer.

2. Oranges are known to increase the appetite. A simple yet effective way to cure anorexia is by consuming two to three oranges every day. They help in increase the appetite and are great for health.

3. Apples are also known to increase the appetite. They are also a rich source of iron and several other nutrients.

4. This is another simple method to anorexia, simply boil water and add two to three cloves to it along with half teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice. Let it cool and drink the same like herbal tea. Regular consumption of this decoction for about a week will definitely increase the cravings for food.

5. Garlic is known to be an excellent appetizer and hence it will prove to be effective in curing anorexia. You can mix it in soups or salads or add in other food preparation. Garlic is most effective when consumed in raw form.

6. Have more tomatoes, preferably in raw form. It can also be included in salads and other food preparations.

7. It is said that spicy foods add to ones appetite. Hence, you can also have hot spicy food maybe twice or thrice a week to increase your appetite.

8. Have salads ten minutes to half an hour before having your full meal. Your salad may include tomatoes, beets, cabbage, cucumbers and capsicums. Add a little rock salt to it along with freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon with just a pinch of black pepper on it.

9. Soups add to the appetite. Clear vegetable soup with just a little salt and black pepper added to it will act as an excellent appetizer. You can also have chicken soup.

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