How to Deal with Anaemia During Pregnancy the Ayurvedic Way!

Mild anaemia is common in pregnant women. It is a condition where there are insufficient red blood cells in your blood stream. Even though your RBC is normal you may get anaemia due to increase in plasma volume.

During pregnancy, your blood volume expands to provide blood supply to your baby. Hence, the need for iron increases more than usual, if you don’t supplement iron, then you will end up in iron deficiency anaemia.

Causes of Anaemia During Pregnancy

  • Undernourishment. Lack of iron, folic acid and vitamin B12
  • Heavy bleeding in earlier menstrual cycles.
  • Bleeding haemorrhoids.
  • More vomiting during early pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms of Anaemia During Pregnancy

  • Extreme tiredness and weakness.
  • Palpitations.
  • Pale skin.
  • Dizziness.
  • Chest discomfort.
  • Feeling of coldness.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Poor concentration.
  • Craving to eat mud, ash, etc.

Effects of Anaemia On Your Baby

  • Low birth weight.
  • Preterm delivery.
  • Increased maternal mortality.
  • Lack of folic acid may lead to neural tube and other birth defects in your baby.
  • Anaemia in your baby.
  • Developmental delays.

Management of Anaemia During Pregnancy

  • Include more raisins, dates, pomegranates, apples, sesame seeds, jaggery, figs and beetroot in your diet.
  • Take iron supplements under your physician's guidance.
  • Eat iron-rich foods like spinach and other green leafy vegetables.
  • Take vitamin  rich foods like oranges, tomatoes, amla, lemon, etc to enhance iron absorption.
  • Include more fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
  • Start eating healthy food during your prenatal period itself.
  • If you are non-vegetarian include eggs and organ meat.
  • Make sure you drink enough milk. But, avoid drinking milk immediately after taking an iron supplement as calcium may interrupt iron absorption.

Ayurvedic Supplements for Treating Anaemia

The following Ayurvedic supplements are beneficial:

Dhatri lauha, Punarnava mandura, Lohasavam, Saptamrita lauha, Xerfer capsules, Dadimadi gritha, Amalaki churna, Amalaki rasayana and Chyawanprash are beneficial.

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