How to Get Your Migraine Under Control

A migraine attack is not just limited to a headache but often comes along with a bout of other symptoms such as nausea, tingling, flashes of light or vomiting. While the cause of migraine is not clearly known, there are a few ways in which the episodes of migraine can be brought under control.

  • Magnesium deficiency is a major cause of migraine. Load up on magnesium which is found in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, soy beans, black beans etc.
  • Use tea tree oil to massage your head. This relieves tension and stress.
  • Make sure you take vitamin B12 every day. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause migraines.
  • Migraines can also be caused sometimes due to low blood sugar levels. So, make sure you get a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.
  • Lower levels of serotonin also cause migraine. Also make sure to not be dehydrated. Getting regular exercise releases endorphins which relax you.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine. When in pain, try placing an ice pack around your neck. Taking hot showers also helps in migraine.
  • Not only these but drinking hot tea also gives relief from the symptoms of migraine.

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