Bruises or contusion is a skin discolouration caused due to skin injury. Initially, you may see reddish discolouration which turns purple to green before healing, associated with pain and tenderness.
Common Causes of Bruises

  • Use of certain medications like aspirin, anticoagulants, etc.
  • Low platelet counts.
  • Few diseases like hemophilia, diabetes,
  • Excessive physical exercise.
  • Ageing.

Home Remedies for Bruises

  • As soon as you encounter an injury, place an ice cube wrapped in a piece of cotton cloth. This will reduce pain and swelling. Continue cold compress on the first day.
  • Press the bruised area with a coin for few minutes.This will prevent further increase in the size of the bruise.
  • Start doing warm compress with a tea bag dipped in hot water on progressive days.
  • Apply aloe vera gel or butter on the affected area.
  • Crush and grind coriander leaves and apply locally.
  • Drink milk boiled with turmeric.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C.

If you are facing bruises repeatedly, you can take medicines like Vasa, Sariva, Chandana, Usheera, Pravala or mukta pishti.
Prevention of Bruises

  • Avoid repeatedly taking painkillers or any other self-medications.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid excess intake of salt and spicy foods.
  • Eat healthy foods rich Vitamin C, K, and bioflavonoids to strengthen your blood vessels.