Eye strain, refractive errors like shortsightedness, longsightedness, computer vision syndrome and dry eyes are the most common eye disorders.

Common Causes for Eye Disorders

  • Reading in dim light, while travelling and in improper position.
  • Excessive use of electronic gadgets.
  • Watching TV in improper lighting.
  • Certain occupations, which require constant focusing like long distance driving, tailoring, etc.
  • Chronic exposure to fan or AC can cause dry eyes.
  • Stress and strain.


Common Symptoms of Eye Disorders

  • Blurred vision.
  • Watery or dry eyes.
  • Redness and burning sensation in your eyes.
  • Headache or eye pain.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Improving Eye Health

The following medicines are beneficial in improving your eye health:

Ayurvedic treatment procedures can also be beneficial:

  • Tarpana
  • Aschyotana
  • Nasya
  • Virechana
  • Pindi
  • Seka
  • Bidalaka
  • Shirodhara
  • Pichu


Home Remedies for Improving Eye Health

  • Include milk, green leafy vegetables, papaya, carrot and fish in your diet.
  • Eye exercises to strengthen eye muscles, Trataka enhances visual acuity and yoga relieves you from stress.
  • Grape Seed extracts are very advantageous in protecting and maintaining the strength of eye muscles and sight. You can taken twice a day with warm water or honey.
  • For improving your eyesight, you can take 7 almonds, add 2 tsp fennel seeds and 1 tsp sugar candy. Crush the mixture, add 1 tsp of this mixture to 1 glass of warm milk and  drink this at bedtime. After having this, do not drink anything for 2 hours.
  • Keep your reading room and working place well lit.
  • Correct your vision by using corrective glasses.
  • Avoid overuse of electronic gadgets.
  • While working in front of computer, take a break in between and practise 20 20 20 eye exercise.


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