Did you know that your bones go through a rejuvenating process where new bones are constantly replacing old bones?  If these two processes are not in perfect coordination, you end up with conditions like osteoporosis.  It is easy to strengthen your bones and create a perfect balance:

  • Milk: Bones need calcium and all dairy products are a rich source of calcium. Ensure that you get sufficient Vitamin D as it is needed to help you better absorb the calcium.
  • Yogurt: You should try to eat yogurt everyday as it is an even richer source of calcium than milk.
  • Fish:  Fish also contain calcium (Eg. sardines, salmon and tuna).
  • Spinach is loaded with calcium. 1 cup of cooked spinach gives a quarter of your daily calcium requirement.
  • Kale, although less than spinach, is a good source of calcium.
  • Eggs: You should eat both the white and yellow of the egg to get its full benefit as the yolk contains Vitamin D.
  • Soybeans, sesame seeds, almonds and paneer are excellent sources of calcium.
  • Orange juice and lemon juice also provide large doses of calcium.

In addition to eating the right food, set aside time for exercise as regular workouts make your bones stronger.  If your bones are brittle and need some extra nutrition, you could take ayurvedic supplements like the Nirogam Calcium Combo.
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