What happens when you don’t sleep well? Without doubt you will wake up looking dull and older. You skin will start aging as lack of sleep will not give your skin ample of time it needs to rejuvenate and renew itself.

Nature has provided us with lot of wondrous things which includes “sleep”.  It is the best and totally free beauty treatment one can have everyday. As a matter of fact, no overnight creams or face packs and neither any makeup will give you the fresh, glowing and unstrained look that a night long sound sleep will. Good night of sleep renews and freshens us up and is significant for a salubrious life. On an average an individual needs eight hours of sleep, however, this need varies from one to another.

Self discipline is quite important in order to get the required hours of sleep. Once a while losing sleep is ok, but just make sure that you are not sleep deprived all the time.

Various things distract us from going to bed on time everyday. Most of them are related to unhealthy lifestyle. Some of them could be:

  • Late night movie shows or series on television
  • Too much of caffeinated drinks during the evening or just before sleeping time
  • The mattress or your pillow is either too hard or too soft or lumpy
  • A hectic routine which keeps you late at work
  • An erratic eating habit
  • Emotional disturbance keeps you awake till late

The following tips will help you catch up on your beauty sleep

  1. Do not drink more than three to five cups of coffee or tea. And do not drink any caffeinated drinks right before your sleeping time or in late evenings.
  2. A major part of your life is spent sleeping. So do not compromise on your mattress or pillows. Just go and buy the best. Do not use synthetic bedsheets, only use cotton ones. Wear light cotton clothes during night.
  3. Every night while you lay in bed just close your eyes and take deep breaths while you concentrate on the positive happenings that took place during the day.
  4. Learn some good meditation techniques and practice them every night just before you sleep.
  5. If you are bothered by negative thoughts during night, listen to soothing music to relax your thoughts. You can also buy meditative music CDs from good stores that are specifically meant for people with sleeping disorders.
  6. Do not exercise during night. Best way to digest your dinner is to take a gentle walk post dinner maybe on the terrace or in a street which is not overcrowded and neither deserted.
  7. Having a relaxing hot water bath during bedtime can relax the muscles and induce sleep.
  8. If you have an early day the night after, prepare for it beforehand, else your mind will keep on thinking about the pending tasks.
  9. Silence is more contributing to sleep. Turn off the television. Make use of earplugs to mask any noise that may disrupt your sleep such as noise from the street outside.
  10. Sleep only during the night. Sleeping during the day could rob you off your night sleep. A daytime nap should not exceed more than twenty minutes.

Just follow these steps and voila! Watch yourself grow younger after just few days. Relaxed sleep also assures that you feel unstrained to face the day after. So even if you have a hard day at office or may feel strained out, just relax and have a good night sleep, you will be prepared to face the daybreak with regenerated energy and energy.

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