As the age grows the chances of contracting several diseases increases manifold. the diseases that are more common in older people are more damaging and life threatening. As the age increases one should take more and more care of oneself and of ones body. This will not just make you self reliant but also help you in safeguarding yourself from several diseases. You body will be able to protect itself from catching a diseases but also help you with fast recovery just in case you happen to catch one.

There are several things that you must keep in mind and follow in order to keep yourself healthy as the age progresses. This article will give you some simple day today tips to help you become fitter and stronger as you become old.

1. Reduce your salt intake as much as possible
As your age increases your blood pressure tends to be erratic. Almost every senior person faces a fluctuation in his blood pressure. If the blood pressure increases beyond acceptable measure than you must make a strong effort to decrease your salt intake. Apart from reducing your salt intake you must also make it a point to monitor your blood pressure periodically to keep a check on any unnatural variation. Sudden rise or fall in blood pressure in old age is not a healthy sign. Early identification of the symptoms will help you start treatment and ward off any possible chances of a stroke.

2. Next you must reduce your fat and calorie intake
As you become older you will realize that your capacity to perform physical activities has decreased. There is nothing wrong in that. However, once you start performing less and less of physical activities much of your calories are left unused. Thus, you need to lower your calorie as well as your fat consumption. For example you may have reduced your fat content by eating less butter but the pizzas that you might have been having do have a good amount of calories. With this change you can avoid any possible chance of having a blocked artery or increasing your cholesterol level.

3. Diabetes:
Many people may have never experienced any sugar related problem all their life, however, this problem may suddenly spring once you reach a certain age. Even middle aged people are getting diabetes, however, this problem is more commonly observed as the age increases. Again, keeping your sugar and calorie content under check will help you be diabetes free all your life. Along with diet alterations try and increase your physical activities, nothing rigorous, just regular walks will be beneficial.

4. Drink more water:
Drink more water! We have heard it all are life and it is applicable in old age as well. Drinking more water will help you keep your kidneys disease free and also prevent the chances of getting kidney stones. Water will also slow down the aging process and keep your skin radiant for ever.

5. Keep your mind active
Apart from keeping your body active you must also make an active effort to keep your mind fit by keeping it active. There are several games that can be played to stimulate the mind. Reading is another way of keeping your brain in motion. Find an activity that interests you and also keeps your mind active… it can be anything from playing chess to gardening.

Follow these tips and age well!!!
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