How to Take Kalmegh for Relief from Skin and Liver Ailments!

Kalmegh is extremely beneficial for health. Its topmost benefits are:

  • Skin: To treat skin ailments, soak 3 gm Kalmegh leaves and 2 gm amla powder in a glass of water overnight. Filter and drink it in the morning.
  • Liver: To relieve liver ailments, add 1gm Kalmegh leaves, 1 gm amla powder and 2 gm mulethi in 200 ml water. Boil and reduce the water to 50 ml, strain and drink the decoction.
  • Digestive System: To alleviate constipation, gas and indigestion, add 2 gm each of Kalmegh leaves, amla powder and mulethi in 400 ml water. Boil and reduce it to 100 ml, filter and drink the decoction.

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