Did you know that ideally you need to take five to seven servings (1/2 cup) of vegetables a day? Sit back and think how many helpings you take in a week.

I was not very fond of vegetables or anything healthy, for that matter, until I began to know about them. At present, I can eat anything from bitter gourd to ridge gourd and know many different recipes to cook my vegetables.

It might not be practical to eat a balanced diet every day with so many of other aspects of life to look into. Yet, we can try to consume fever processed foods to let in more greens and reds. If at all we tried hard, we would lose weight, get a lot of enzymes, maintain normal blood sugar and blood pressure levels, detoxify our system, look and feel awesome and render many doctors jobless!

  • Do not hesitate to eat raw vegetables. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, corn kernels, cucumbers, string beans, cherry tomatoes andΒ  green pepper strips are great to be munched raw. The best thing about raw foods is their ability to lower your calorie and starch consumption. They will keep you full for so long that you could easily resist your favorite chocolate at midevening. Use them for a yummy salad or eat them as they are along with your meal. Health experts point out that it is better to eat raw foods in the morning followed by cooked foods later on to avoid indigestion. Do watch out for pesticides, though!!!
  • Drink equal amounts of carrot juice and fruit juice.
  • With your onions or tomatoes add chopped zucchini and broccoli to your egg.
  • Enjoy prewashed vegetables and packed salads raw or steamed.
  • For a quickie, dice peeled beets , carrots and potatoes, roast them and enjoy with some salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • Don’t degrade vegetables merely as a side dish.To add to the taste be creative and use eggs or anything that can hold your favorite greens together. Do no discard any left over veggies of the previous day. Use them along with breakfast or lunch on the next or even better, make a vegetable sandwich.
  • How about mixed greens with some steamed beans, boiled potatoes, sliced hard-boiled egg, and tuna in vinaigrette for a weekend entree?
  • Make a habit of eating a green salad every other day.
  • Get yourself a veggie pizza or a veggie sandwich when you go out to eat.
  • Be sure to eat a variety of vegetables not only for nutrition but also for detoxification as well. Use the stalks and hearts of celery raw, plain or with various fillings. The outer stalks can be stewed, scalloped or used to add flavor to other vegetables. Pickles can be made tastier with the dried celery seeds. Use mushrooms liberally in soups or sauces or cream boil or even stew them for rich taste. Add chive leaves to your sandwiches, salads, omelets etc.

A tip to end with, go for the vegetables of the season to get them fresh and at low prices. Frozen vegetables can also be used to make your diet complete though they are often the costliest. Canned vegetables should be your last choice as they are more about convenience than health. Keep your eyes also open for dehydrated or dried veggies like lentils, beans and dry peas.

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