The Immense Health Benefits of the Banyan Tree!Explore the health benefits of Banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis):

Known as Vata is Sanskrit, has immense benefits due to its ability to pacify pitta and kapha dosha.

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Family: Moraceae

– Its buds are helpful in treating dysentery and chronic diarrhoea.

– The bark decoction is effective in treating leucorrhoea, piles and female infertility.

– Its latex helps to relieve ulcers, sores, bruises and rheumatic pain.

– Milk from its bark helps to get rid of skin moles.

– The Bark paste is also applied upon wounds and ulcers

-It also cures excessive thirst, vomiting, burning sensation, neuropathy and delusion.

-The twigs are known to strengthen the teeth and prevent dental carries, when used for brushing the teeth.

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