Hair Loss Signals Low Iron Levels

Losing hair? Check ferritin levels.

The total iron in our body is stored in the form of an iron containing protein called ferritin. A ferritin blood test checks the amount of ferritin in our blood. Low ferritin levels indicate iron deficiency. High ferritin levels indicate inflammation and this can mean to be a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Hair loss, hair thinning or dull lifeless hair need a ferritin check. Decreased iron in the body not only affects hair health but also the brain functioning, and reduces the immune system activity. This makes a person more susceptible to infections. Emotional stress, poor diet or crash dieting, certain surgeries and illnesses are some of the most common causes leading to reduced ferritin levels. Even excessive intake of vitamin B12, D and E supplements can lead to iron deficiency. The easiest way to boost iron level in our bodies is to have a diet rich in green leafy vegetables. Animal foods, grains like quinoa and dry fruits also help with increasing iron levels.

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