Exams should be abolished all over the world. I thought as a child and vowed to do so once I grew up. But to do so I needed authority and for that I needed to study and write a few more exams than needed.

Exam time is the most stressful time for a child. You are pressurized by your family, your peers, terrifying teachers and by the thought of a secure future itself.

Some teachers say if you feel a blank before the exams without being able to recollect your answers then you have studied enough and will do well in your tests.  But I used to feel a blank wherein I felt like fainting or falling asleep. The night before my Linguistics exams at the Post Graduation level was a nightmare. My grandmother was sick with cancer fighting death and my mother was away. I read the whole night without the linguistic signs and symbols meaning nothing to me. I began to feel dizzy by morning managing to grab only a couple of hours of sleep. My hands began to tingle, my head buzzed throughout and I eventually threw up before I boarded my bus to my college. My personal emotions coupled with exam fever completely stressed me out. I felt miserable because I worked hard on Phonetics and Linguistics and my teachers had hope in me. Despite my misery, I scored 76 out of 100.

If you have been a good student and you have done your work then you don’t have to worry too much. There is no need for any butterflies your stomach. You can be a little nervous but not stressed out. Stress causes you to think weird or not to think at all. Jitters will cost you your concentration and affect your performance.

  • First tip is to do your daily work. If not, do it on weekends. Pray well for confidence and to avoid any mishaps during ‘those’ days. Be spiritual all around the year and not when the exam dates are announced.
  • Take a positive approach. Exams did not begin your life nor will they end it. but they are very important in life and they for the good.
  • Practice! Practice writing your answers. It will gain you more speed and sharpen your output skills. You may know all your answers but you may not produce them effectively on your answer sheets only because you did not practice that part.
  • Share your worries with your parents, teachers or any loved ones without hesitation.
  • Know your weaknesses and work on them first.
  • While studying try to study in a calm, serene well-ventilated place away from distractions. Do not walk while reading.
  • You may very well take a break from your tensions by going for a walk, listening to music, talking to your friends or by doing any other relaxing exercises.
  • Avoid reality shows and other temptations even a month before your finals.
  • Eat and drink healthy with milk, cheese, almonds, walnuts, wheat germs, green leafy vegetables, ragi and dates. Reduce stress with a liberal supply of fruits.
  • Study late night but on the night before the exam. You need a good night’s rest.
  • Never discuss answers just before the exams. It will make you feel empty and miserable. Very luckily, you may learn a few things too.
  • Enter the exam hall 5 minutes before the bell with a candy in your mouth. A little sugar will ease your tension.

Try natural and safe remedies to calm yourself and to do justice to your hardwork.