The first time spa can be exciting as well as confusing. You don’t know what to expect as merriment bubbles inside you and you can’t afford to show your anxieties. How to dress? Are they going to respect your privacy? This article would give you a brief insight in to what to expect from a spa and the benefits and the risks of a spa going.

Other than those enticed by the ads, you would visit a spa to pamper yourself and to reduce stress. If your spa is a good one you will also enjoy an increased flow of energy, a new spiritual awareness, detoxification of the body, reduced blood pressure and weight related problems, better sleep patterns and skin nourishment. But for the added benefits you need to choose a reputed spa with qualified professionals and choose the best treatment suitable for you. There is variety among the spa itself. You can see club spa, cosmetic spa, mineral spring spa and more. And a spa may have a variety of treatments including facials, different types of massages, aromatherapy, body wraps, spa baths, organic spas,Watsu,Swedish reflexology, hot stone therapy, acupoints, Japanese Shiatu and the like. Some spas also include ancient techniques of Ayurvedic treatments to enhance the results. So make your choices before your first visit and be sure to get the help of the therapist when you need it.

  • Get an appointment for the day you will have lots of time for yourself. Be on time for your spa or go early still. You don’t want to compromise your treatment for lack of time.
  • It is better to call and ask about the garments you may want to carry for your spa. Mostly they are casuals and swimming costume.
  • Ask them about their staff training and their draping methods.
  • Inquire about any side effects or health risks involved. You don’t want them to take you for granted.
  • Know that you will need to fill in their respective form giving details like if you are 18 years or older, your medical history, any drugs you may be taking, if you are pregnant and so on. To save time many spas offer downloadable forms online which you can print and take them along.

Once you are in the spa, you will need to change and wait until lie down on a massage table. You will have to keep in mind things about your skin, allergies and what you expect from the spa so that you can inform your therapist or aesthetician. Make sure you are comfortable with your draping. Taking a spa doesn’t mean you have to be nude all the time. A towel should cover your groin at all times.

Though spa makes you think of luxury, comfort, relaxation and health there are a few potential risks involved even with spa going. Yea, the two sides of the same coin.

  • The risk of infections in a spa cannot be overlooked. Next to infection lie the chemicals like chlorine that the spas use in their baths. Legionnaires’s disease, dermatitis, and psoriasis are often associated to spas. Sunburns and open would put you at a risk of infections.
  • Watch out if you have diabetes. Foot treatments with vigorous trimming may give you cellulites. The equipments and the water used may trigger off infections.
  • Take massages only from trained and licensed masseurs as the level of touch also matters.
  • Remember that massage regulates blood circulation and can increase menstrual flow too.
  • Saunas can cause respiratory troubles.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids or retinol A cream should not be used if you are getting waxed.

If you are not certain how the spa treatments may affect you feel free to discuss this with your doctor and your practitioner.