Is Milk Good for PCOSMilk and ghee is considered as vital and Satvik foods in Ayurveda. Milk is known to have calming and soothing properties and is known to pacify vata and pitta dosha. In classical Ayurvedic principles, dairy products like milk, ghee and buttermilk are widely used as food and medicine in the treatment of many diseases including PCOS, proving it most effective.

But in present day scenario, the so called milk that we get from the farms/dairy industry is adulterated with urea, caustic soda, detergents, salt, hydrogen peroxide or ammonium sulphate. these chemicals certainly destroy the calming or soothing quality of milk. And the essence of all these chemicals will get carried over to the butter, butter milk and ghee produced out of this kind of milk.

Secondly, the cows are not grass fed. Instead they are fed with artificial feeds mixed with hormones to increase the milk production. Also , the cows are often injected with various hormones and antibiotics. These will certainly diffuse into the milk that the cow gives. This is the major cause of diet induced hormone imbalance in women that leads to PCOS and infertility.

Third, Is the milk Satvik?

Let’s not even think about it. The cows are maintained in a poor unhygienic environment, where they suffer inhumane torture until they are killed. They are not given the care that a motherly animal like cow needs, so that the milk is Satvik.

It is better not to consume milk from such farm animals. Also note that, organic or grass fed doesn’t mean that the milk is Satvik or cruelty free. Such milk can cause mood swings and depressive nature in women.

What about the alternatives?

The most common alternative to dairy milk is the Soy milk. Considering that soy is the most common GMO crop in the world, and it also contain Phytoestrogen that mimics oestrogen in our body,ย slowing the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), and effectively shutting down ovulation.

Coconut milk/ almond milk are good alternatives for women with PCOS.

It is better to sustain on a low Glycemic Index, fibrous food that is plant based to manage the symptoms of PCOS. Read here How to cure PCOS naturally


picoshunya for pcos

Benefits of Picoshunya (for PCOD):

1. Promotes ovulation

2. Corrects irregular periods, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD)

3. Enhances fertility

4. Eliminates cysts.

Dosage :

1 or 2 tablets twice daily or as suggested by the physician.